Liguria Floods

November 4, 2011 / Uncategorized
Monterosso, Liguria

Many of you have asked for more information concerning the floods that hit Liguria last week (thanks again, Andi for yesterday’s note!). Your best bet at the moment is to follow the blogs and blog posts by people on the ground. These include:

Christine is over at She lives in Monterosso, and writes live updates of the developments there.

Nicole writes at Particularly inspiring are her stories of the incredible clean up effort in Vernazza, and how the community has worked together to deal with the devastation.

Kate lives in the hills above Monterosso and Levanto, and writes at A Texan by birth, but a Ligurian native at this point, she writes of the impact of the floods on the communities and on daily life. (Also, Kate’s instructions on how to donate to the Italian Red Cross – many of you were not able to make your generous donations – are below.)

We all wish them, their families, and their communities well over the next few days… heavy rains are expected in the area once again unfortunately, for at least the next three days according to weather forecasts. By their accounts, the emergency response effort has done everything possible to prepare for more rain, but for safety reasons can now only wait and monitor what might happen next. In bocca al lupo.

Italian Red Cross Instructions: When you go to the site, make sure that on the drop down menu, you select EMERGENCY TUSCANY AND LIGURIA. If you are donating from a foreign country, leave the ‘state’ field blank — and the ‘nation’ field will be written in Italian. If you are from the US, the nation will be ‘Stati Uniti’. IF you have problems with the zip code fields, try 00000.

Yesterday saw the funeral of Sandro Usai, a Sardinian native who lived in Liguria and was a volunteer with the Protezione Civile (Search and Rescue / National Guard equivalent here in Italy). Usai was instrumental during the emergency efforts and died while getting two US tourists to safety. Our hearts go out to his wife and their son.

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  1. Richard Smith

    Best wishes to all and lets hope the new rains do not bring more problems!

  2. Anne Robichaud

    – and now more funerals over next few days due to the 7 dead in flooded Genoa today.
    Bracing for 3 days of rain and although there has been a forced evacuation of the Cinque Terre towns in preparation for the heavy rains due for next 3 days, as TV announcer Bianca Berlinguer just said, “…but no had worried about Genoa..”
    Mamma mia

  3. Joan Schmelzle

    Thank you so much for the links you provided. I had watched with sadness many videos before. The link you provided to Kate Little thrilled me a lot. Not only could I use her instructions to donate, but it gave me a chance to email her again. Right after the disaster, I had used an old email so I was glad to find the one on her blog.
    When I went to Cinque Terre in 2006 on a cooking, learning, eating (of course), Kate was our guide, and an excellent one. I have saved her blog so I can go back to read more when I have time.

    And I see from thecomment above that Genoa has flooded. This is a town I also love and visited in 2006 and again in 2007. I am very sad and more sadness to come.

  4. David Bridges

    Thank you for the information about the Ligurian floods. We have visited Cinque Terra several times and taken friends from the US there. We also have Italian friends in Genoa. We will send money for the relief effort.

  5. Linda Boccia

    Thank you GB for giving those of us who are particularly interested in Cinque Terre updates a place to check with bloggers who live there.

  6. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Many people have written me saying that they knew nothing of this disaster until they read about it on your site. Apparently there is very little coverage outside of Italy.
    All of us involved here in Italy have links up to donate to the Red Cross. The immediate need now will be to get people through the immediate issues (hooking back up sewerage, water/gas/electric lines) so that then they can effectively start cleaning up the towns. The Red Cross is helping with this. Step two will be donations to help rebuild.
    Thank you again for using your visibility to spread the news about this tragedy. I urge everyone that reads this to forward on Italian Notebook’s link to friends and family.
    Kate Little

  7. Anne Robichaud

    …..and now the ravages of weather have hit the lovely island of Elba / bridges down, houses flooded, schools closed, an elderly woman dead.
    Two missing in Matera in so. Italy: car swept off the road by a mudslide – and elderly man dead near Naples as huge tree fell in heavy winds.
    Mamma mia. LIght at the end of the tunnel though> weather should be dissipating over weekend.
    ……..and SO GRATEFUL that Venice has been spared the ravages. To date.

  8. Whats the current situation like in levanto, with the longboard champs ths weekend, is it worth a visit or will we get in the way?

  9. Longboard championships are still on in Levanto from the 10-20th November. They are using the chance to gather funds and raise awareness for the nearby affected communities. If you do not have a hotel yet, book asap as there are many people that were evacuated that are now staying in Levanto.


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