November 30, 2015 / Art & Archaeology
Paestum, Campania

The following five 4th century BC frescos which once adorned a Samnite tomb were recovered by the Comando Carabinieri Tutela Patrimonio Culturale (Carabinieri Cultural Treasures Team). They were discovered and removed from their location by tomb raiders, and ended up on the international circuit for archaeological art, packed up and ready to go to a Swiss collector.

Depicting both domestic and war scenes, these invaluable and beautiful scenes are also rare portrayals of 4th century BC Campano aristocracy.

General Mariano Mossa and team of Carabinieri, for your recovery efforts, take a bow.




by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

12 Responses to “Bravi!”

  1. ann geraci

    have you ever written about the underground chambers and tunnels near Torino, built secretly about 25 years ago ? Called Damanhur. Incredible.

  2. Dr. Michael Kissane

    Great news. Fabulous paintings; those responsible for this theft and those receiving the works should receive heavy sentences. as until the theft of such masterpieces carries heavy deterrent sentences the appalling thefts will continue unabated. What a loss these would have been to us all if they had disappeared into the greedy clutches of a greedy self-centered individual. Congratulations and thanks to all concerned in their recovery and the preservation of Italy’s rich cultural heritage for us all.

  3. Onofrio Curatolo

    Generale Mossa coi suoi collaborator merita un ricoscimento per aver salvato questi tesori, che posso un giorno rivedere. Grazie per il vostro lavoro.

  4. L. Xavier

    Amazingly beautiful. Thrilled that these treasures have been recovered. What a fantastic addition this will make to the museum there at Paestum. Thank you for sharing this.

  5. Excellent work by the authorities. Paestum’s collection of Samnite iamgery is world class. Sulla tried to wipe out their existence, but thanks to discoveries such as these they are alive and well


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