March 30 2016 / Local Interest

Primavera in the Colli Euganei

Colli Euganei, Veneto

In full view from the A13, the Italian toll road that runs through the vast Po River Valley from nearby

February 24 2016 / Food & Wine

Bigoli al Tastasale

Vicenza, Veneto

You really haven’t experienced Vicenza, much less the Veneto — its regional matriarch — until you’ve sat down at the

November 24 2015 / Food & Wine

Hugo: The Alpine Spritz

Dolomiti & Südtirol

Here’s a palate-pleasing Italian aperitivo (cocktail) to wrap your hand around that’s already a big hit up in the South

October 7 2015 / Local Interest

La Rua: Vicenza’s Wheel of Fortune

Vicenza, Veneto

In September, Vicenza puts its best foot forward to honor both its patron saint, La Madonna di Monte Berico (Blessed Virgin Mary

July 3 2015 / Places

Framing Palladio: Ponte degli Alpini

Bassano del Grappa, Veneto

Normally, my satnav directs me to the front gate of a UNESCO World Heritage villa that bears the imprint of

June 3 2015 / Places

Framing Palladio: Villa La Rotonda

Vicenza, Veneto

Of all the iconic buildings, churches and monuments spread across the Veneto region of northeastern Italy that bear the imprint

May 12 2015 / Local Interest

La Gondola: The Prow and Joy of Venice

Venice, Veneto

Did you know that there are only 425 professionally licensed gondoliers in Venice? It’s true. These card-carrying members of the

April 16 2015 / Places

Tulipanomania at Parco Giardino Sigurtà

Valeggio Sul Mincio, Veneto

This note was co-authored (and photographed) by Tom Weber AND Orna O’Reilly, both ItalianNotebook contributors. We are unable to assign

March 9 2015 / Places

Framing Palladio: Villa Cornaro

Piombino Dese, Veneto

During its heyday, the Doges and aristocrats of Venice built like crazy more than 4,300 sprawling, warm-weather estates in the

February 9 2015 / Art & Archaeology

Fiavè: Life on Stilts

Fiavè, Trentino Alto-Adige

Long before Amsterdam, Venice and the Kingdom of Paeonia, but sometime after the Flintstones of Bedrock, a small prehistoric tribe

December 2 2014 / Local Interest

Balbido: The Painted Village

Balbido, Trentino Alto Adige

High up in the Bleggio Plateau of the Trentino Alto Adige region sits an animated village deserving of an art critic’s

November 11 2014 / Places

il Duomo di Vicenza

Vicenza, Veneto

Sometimes I don’t have to travel at all to find material to write about and photograph. And, this is one

July 22 2014 / Food & Wine

In Search of Umbrian Virgins


On a recent journey around central Italy as a guest journalist, I donned a Lt. Colombo trench coat and went

July 1 2014 / Places

The Redheads of Maranello

Maranello, Emilia-Romagna

A recent imbedded journalist on a journey through Umbria and Tuscany, I found myself onboard a luxury motor coach winding its

April 11 2014 / Food & Wine

Spritz Campari: Milano’s Passionate Red Aperitivo

Milan, Lombardia

It’s no secret that Venetians, well known or anonymous, cherish their hometown favorite, and purportedly Italy’s signature aperitivo (cocktail), the Spritz Veneziano:

March 26 2014 / Places

Rango: One Nutty Village

Rango, Trentino-Alto Adige

A tiny dot on the map up in the Bleggio Plateau of the Trentino’s Giudicarie area is the focus of

March 12 2014 / Places

Arquà: Petrarch’s Hilltop Retreat

Arqua' Petrarca, Veneto

Whenever we look back on history — pick a period, it really doesn’t matter — there are always amazing footnotes

February 27 2014 / Places

Framing Palladio: Villa Saraceno

Finale di Agugliaro, Veneto

In Italy, unlike many other places around the world, old buildings don’t die and make way for parking lots and shopping

February 10 2014 / Food & Wine

Color My Winter Blood Orange


I’ve been checking daily at my corner supermarket, running around town knocking on fruit shop doors, and visiting the twice-a-week,