Why Truck Drivers Prefer Heavy Duty Tarps

by Annie

Truck drivers use diverse kinds of tarpaulins depending on the cargo they transport from one place to the other. The most preferred one is heavy-duty tarpaulins made of steel. Though most drivers use standard tarps, smart ones opt for heavy-duty products of numerous sizes and shapes. Modern-age drivers for their strength and durability like steel tarps.

According to an article published on http://www.nwtransportation.com, steel tarps are used to move steel sheets, cables, rods, and more. Then, there are flatbed tarps that should use only if required, else not. Here is why truck drivers prefer heavy-duty tarpaulins:

Load versatility

Truck drivers always opt for heavy-duty tarp covers made of steel due to their versatility. You can cover any type of load with these tarpaulins to protect or good during shipment. These days, truckers do not choose standard smoke tarps, as they are extremely small to cover loads necessitating more than mere minimum protection against engine exhaust. Even lumbar tarps are oversized and inapt for smaller loads. That is why heavy-duty tarps are your best bet.

Toughness and durability

The most common reason heavy-duty tarps are truckers’ choice because of their durability and strength. Quality steel tarps are made of robust, 18-ounce vinyl to endure much depreciation. Then, the truck drivers need to use the edge protectors to avert damage to the tarpaulin from the load beneath. Then, if you can use the best quality edge protectors and the right equipment to secure, heavy duty tarps will last for many years to come.

Keeps your load secure

Did you know that a first-rate heavy-duty tarp of steel is made with several grommets uniformly positioned down the edge as well as extra D-rings in strategic places across the fabric body? You might be wondering what benefit it would provide. The integration of grommets and D-rings helps in securing multiple loads using straps, cords, bungee ropes, as well as chains. This way, you have numerous of securing your loads.

Storage of your heavy-duty tarp

It is one of the greatest benefits of heavy-duty steel tarps. When you are not using the product, all you need to do is store it in the toolbox or for that matter on a cab-mounted frame. The weight, design, and size of heavy-duty tarps ensure easy and effortless folding for simple, convenient storage.

You can fold these tarps alone, in case you have any problem, you can ask another person to help you to fold the material.

Lightweight and size prevent injuries

Did you know that a heavy-duty steel tarp is lightweight and smaller compared to lumbar tarps? It makes things easy as you can use, take away, and fold them effortlessly. Lightweight tarps prevent injuries when drivers work with them. The simpler and lighter a heavy-duty tarp is fewer the possibilities of injuries. Moreover, the weight and size of a standard heavy-duty tarp make for easy deployment and removal.


Truckers prefer heavy-duty tarps due to their convenience, versatility, sturdiness, and durability. You always need to have an adequate supply of these tarps on-board.

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