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Auguri di Pasqua


Hardly an interaction with someone occurs today without a heartfelt exchange of wishes. Auguri di Pasqua (Easter wishes) are exchanged across the board. Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Pasqua, and then Pasquetta (little Easter, on Monday) make this a long holiday weekend, meaning everything closes, which means you won’t be running into people much (except family of course) until Tuesday.

Of course traditions vary across the board. In Rome for example, prepare for days of asparagus, artichokes, boiled eggs and frittata of all kinds, ricotta and other cheeses, torta pasquale, olives, lamb, and cold-cuts ad infinitum. Of course wine, and for this occasion chocolate as well (in the shape of eggs, mainly), round out the “diet”.

While we all have different traditions, ItalianNotebook would like to wish everyone auguri for Pasqua and for the start of Pesach too! May you spend this weekend and these (hopefully!) warm days of spring joyously, with your family and loved ones close by.


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