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Tour of Italy 2016: A Race of Legends

The Giro d’Italia, also known as the Tour of Italy, is one of the most prestigious cycling races in the world. It takes place annually in Italy and attracts the world’s top cyclists to compete for the coveted pink jersey. In 2016, the 99th edition of the race took place, and it was a thrilling event that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

The Tour of Italy 2016 began on May 6th in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, with a 9.8 km individual time trial. The race then moved to Italy, where the riders tackled a grueling 21 stages covering a total distance of 3,383.8 km. The route was designed to challenge the riders with mountain stages, time trials, and sprints.

One of the standout moments of the race was the stage 14 mountain finish on the Passo Pordoi. This stage was won by Esteban Chaves, who made a solo attack on the climb and held off his rivals to take a memorable victory. Chaves was the first Colombian rider to win a mountain stage at the Giro d’Italia and became an instant fan favorite.

Another highlight of the race was the battle for the pink jersey between Vincenzo Nibali and Esteban Chaves. The two riders were separated by only seconds throughout the race, and it was a thrilling contest that kept fans guessing until the final stage.

The 2016 Tour of Italy also featured some fascinating trivia. For example, it was the first time in the race’s history that it started outside of Italy. The opening stage in Apeldoorn was also the first time a Dutch city had hosted the start of the Giro d’Italia.

The race also paid tribute to one of Italy’s greatest cyclists, Marco Pantani. The 18th stage of the race finished at the top of the Passo del Mortirolo, a climb that was a favorite of Pantani’s. The stage ended with a poignant moment as the riders paid their respects at Pantani’s memorial near the finish line.

The Tour of Italy 2016 was eventually won by Vincenzo Nibali, who claimed his second Giro d’Italia victory. Nibali had been targeting the race all season, and his victory was a testament to his strength and determination. He finished the race with a time of 86 hours, 32 minutes, and 49 seconds, beating his nearest rival Esteban Chaves by 52 seconds.

In conclusion, the Tour of Italy 2016 was a memorable event that will go down in cycling history. The race had everything, from thrilling mountain stages to nail-biting sprints. The battle for the pink jersey between Nibali and Chaves was one of the highlights of the race, and the tribute to Marco Pantani was a touching moment. The Giro d’Italia continues to be one of the most exciting cycling races in the world, and the 2016 edition was no exception.

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