Daniele Salvatori, fresh pork Maestro

October 29, 2012 / Food & Wine
Visso, Le Marche

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After coffee, we drove around to Daniele Salvatori’s place, where Flavio buys fresh cuts of pork. The pork actually comes from nearby Visso, where the pigs live outside, nibble on wild herbs, and breathe the fresh air of the Appennini mountains. Visso has the reputation for fresh pork, while Norcia has been known since the 12th century for cured meats. Daniele and his father opened the door to the cooler, where pork bellies, ribs, stinco, and an array of pork sausages, including deep red liver sausages, hung. Come to find out, the juicy salsiccia we ate for lunch over at Ernesto’s place were provided by Daniele. This area is like one big succulent cafeteria.

We headed out next into the mountains, in the direction of Preci, the town famous for its 16th century surgeons, who traveled all over Europe excising cataracts and fixing hernias, as well as contributing to the creation of the castrati, the young men who were castrated in order to become grand opera stars at a time when women weren’t allowed to sing. Legend says the surgeons from Preci learned their art from the Benedictines and they both swapped trade secrets with the butchers of Norcia.

Sharri Whiting

by Sharri Whiting

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  1. Italian Notebook is a joy to read on a daily basis. So many wonderful stories are sent in and lots of great cooking ideas. If you don’t belong-sign up!

  2. Santa DiFalco

    look forward to your articles every day. maybe we might spend 2 weeks in Italy next year, just staying in a local spot and roaming. Thank you , Santa Lucia DiFalco

  3. Giuseppe Spano
    Giuseppe Spano

    How interesting it is that Butchers and surgeons traded secrets in the past now such thoughts are met with shock, we learn and live!

  4. Anne Robichaud

    Enjoyed, Shari…and Visso and Preci are two gems, as you indicated….
    I too had heard about the castrati/Preci link and headed there to see the little Museo della Chirurgia….and to think that the some of the poorer Preci area farm families actually had sons castrated to enable them to earn a living – and glory_ as castrati singers in the great European courts. ! Mamma mia.
    Thanks again / looking forward to more


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