Shrimp and Fruit Salad

July 24, 2015 / Food & Wine

The heat wave enveloping Italy during the past weeks has made it too hot for cooking the usual dishes. Here is a quick and cool alternative that we discovered during a visit to Sardinia; a colorful, flavorful shrimp and fruit dish which can be prepared in under 20 minutes.


Big shrimp (code di gamberi) – frozen
Lemon juice
Extra virgin olive oil

fruit and shrimp

Put the defrosted shrimp into boiling water for 5 minutes, (can add laurel leaves).

Meanwhile dice the melon and cut the strawberries in half.

When the shrimp have cooled, toss all the ingredients in a bowl with a mix of olive oil (1/3) and lemon juice (2/3).

Pine nuts (pinoli) can also be added. Garnish with basil and refrigerate for about 2 hours. Serve with cold white wine.

fruit shrimp

shrimp and fruit photo

Mary Jane Cryan

by Mary Jane Cryan

Mary Jane is a historian, cruise lecturer, author and publisher of books on Italian history and central Italy has been residing in Italy for half a century.

See her award winning website and weekly blog posts on 50YearsInItaly for more about central Italy and to order books directly from the author.

12 Responses to “Shrimp and Fruit Salad”

  1. Gian Banchero

    Wow, I’ve never thought of combining olive oil and strawberries, or basil with melon, this recipe sounds so intriguing that I must try it very soon. Grazie Mary Jane.

  2. Victoria De Maio

    Oh, yum! And may I suggest (if you have any) avocado and/or blueberries. Believe it or not, avocado with fruit and, of course, shrimp…delish!
    Thank you – now I’m hungry! lol

      • Gian Banchero

        Over the last few years from Italian culinary magazines I’ve tried several recipes calling for the use of avocado, sorry to say without good results. I’m waiting for the Sicilians to do magic with the fruit, if anybody they’ll solve the problem. Yes, avocado would be a great addition to your salad. Here in California the avocado is found in most salads and many other dishes. Family and friends from the Mid-West and east coast still find the delectable avocado as something still exotic and not for weekly use, sad.

        • Gian Banchero

          Oh, by the way, frozen shrimp is found in all big grocery stores in Italy!

        • mary jane

          Avocado is rarely seen here, maybe in big supermarkets, but we depend on our weekly market and friends’ kitchen garden giveaways (right now its zucchini and tomatos) for fruit and veggie supplies.

    • mary jane

      Fulvio made this again today, adding a few pesche noce and instead of pinoli a few pecans from N. Carolina .

    • mary jane
      mary jane

      part of a large collection of interesting shapes and patterns produced in Civita Castellana, VARM is the factory but I think they closed down, too much competition from the Chinese


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