Il Capitano ar Centro

February 19, 2014 / Local Interest
Rome, Italy

AS Roma – Rome’s famed red and yellow soccer team – is having a great year. A French coach (Rudy Garcia) has given the team a much-needed spurt of energy and they are currently in second place in the national championship. AS Roma’s legendary captain, Francesco Totti, is getting on in years (for a soccer player! ..he’s only 37), yet does great work both on and off the pitch. The team’s new sponsor launched a worldwide campaign to vaunt local champions that remain relevant despite encroaching retirement age… So, on the way to work one day, I was thrilled to find Totti’s picture on my office window.


I happen to work in Palazzo Lancellotti de Torres, which stands at the southern end of Piazza Navona. Built in 1542 and designed by Pirro Logorio, it has always housed the family, starting with Ludovico Torres, Archbishop of Salerno, and continuing today, with Massimo Lancellotti. My office boasts frescoes from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, but unfortunately is not open to tourists. The family does run a B&B on the top floor.


To be sure, the scaffolding blocks a spectacular view. But sooner or later they will be finished cleaning Palazzo Lancellotti, and until then, Forza Roma !!



Gyneth Sick

by Gyneth Sick

Gyneth has lived in Rome longer than anywhere else in the world, and still doesn’t want to leave. By day she edits the English version of ASPENIA, Aspen Institute Italia’s highly regarded journal on international affairs, and by night she plays the blues! Check out her two bands The Bucket Band and BRASS OFF!!

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  1. WOW! What a great surprise to see Palazzo Massimo Lancellotti on my screen…When I lived in Rome, I used to work at Christie’s (the English auction house), which was based in the Palazzo, on 1st and 3rd floors. My office was on the 3rd floor (the two windows on the left side in the photo, to be precise), with an incredible view of the Piazza, as you can imagine. I remember that, after the auctions, I worked till very late at night: with the open window the only noise I heard was the one of the “netturbini” cleaning the square and the fountains! Thanks for bringing up these memories with your article. And, of course, for giving us the possibility to see Totti again, “er pupone” as his fans call him!
    PS: Just for the information, Christie’s si not there any longer: it moved its offices to the Parioli neighborhood.


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