December 18 2015 / Events

Abruzzo Mountains, a Pastoral Gala

Campo Imperatore, Abruzzo

With brightly-luminous blue eyes and a twinkling grin, bare-chested, bearded Sergio was one of the shepherds showing sheep flock (450

May 19 2015 / Events

Floral Passione Explodes in Bucchianico

Bucchianico, Abruzzo

Floral eruption? Floral euphoria? An explosion of flowers? Floral delirium? Futile attempts to describe Bucchianico’s chromatic splendor, la Ciammaichella procession

November 6 2014 / Local Interest

Le Tre Sorelle


From L’Aquila, we drove east towards majestic Gran Sasso, mountain behemoth, passing medieval hill towns – clinging like lichen to

April 4 2014 / Local Interest

L’Aquila Must Soar again

L'Aquila, Abruzzo

L’Aquila (“the eagle”) must once again take flight: now, its wings are fractured. Graced with medieval churches and elegant Renaissance and

April 20 2012 / Places

Ohhh, Onna II

Onna, Abruzzo

(cont’d from here) We left the “new town” area of l’Aquila and headed to the ghost town of Onna, tiny

April 19 2012 / Places

Ohhhh, Onna

Onna, Abruzzo

We opened the shutters to the majestic snow-capped Gran Sasso (“big rock” and it IS). After breakfast, we headed to

June 7 2011 / Places

Monte Velino

Monte Velino, Abruzzo

Four intrepid hikers set out early one gorgeous Sunday morning in May to hike Monte Velino in the close Abruzzi.

November 11 2009 / Local Interest

Sulmona’s Market

Sulmona, Abruzzo

Just two hours east of Rome by train, lies the venerable medieval city of Sulmona, near L’Aquila in Abruzzo. Famous

April 7 2009 / Events

The Abruzzo Quake


Dear Readers, Many of you have written and expressed solidarity with those whose lives have one way or another been

December 18 2008 / Places

Costa dei Trabocchi


Rustic, rickety-looking structures perch precariously over the water, resembling giant wooden crabs emerging from the sea. Called trabocchi, they are

October 24 2008 / Food & Wine

Olive Season in Abruzzo


In the town of Controguerra, it is olive season. Kids, grandparents, friends … everyone is recruited to help in the