June 19 2015 / Food & Wine

Spezia’s Sublime Seafood

La Spezia, Liguria

As we pushed open the osteria‘s dark green wooden door, lace curtains on the windows, our spezzina friend Monia asked

September 15 2014 / Places

Tellaro and its Mythical Octopus

Tellaro, Liguria

Tiny Tellaro, one of the last villages lining the Ligurian coast before it melts into the region of Tuscany, is

June 3 2014 / Places

The OTHER Coastal Trails

Monterosso, Liguria

Hiking the mountainside trails that run along the vast, turquoise Ligurian sea in the Cinque Terre National Park is a

December 9 2013 / Places

The Republic of Noli

Noli, Liguria

For centuries Italy was no more than a collection of independent states, always fighting each other. The expression “è una

November 4 2013 / Local Interest

The tiniest “church” in the village

Monterosso, Liguria

The tunnel that connects the long beach stretch of the “New Town” of Monterosso with the old historical center is

October 15 2013 / Food & Wine

Not just a giant lemon


Liguria is full of different fruits and vegetables, and its normally mild climate (last year’s winter we can just chalk

July 18 2013 / Places

San Fruttuoso: a hidden abbey by the sea

San Fruttuoso, Liguria

The ancient abbey of San Fruttuoso lies between the Ligurian villages of Camogli and Portofino, nestled at the foot of

July 8 2013 / Places

Special Murals in Riomaggiore

Riomaggiore, Liguria

Next time you visit Riomaggiore, one of the famous Cinque Terre towns, look at the huge colourful murales. These special

June 17 2013 / Events

Monterosso’s Favorite Festival Fish

Monterosso al Mare, Liguria

The anchovy, a fish that plays a part of traumatic childhood memories involving the salted kind, has a whole different

May 22 2013 / Food & Wine

Salt roads

Varzi, Lombardia

Parma, situated in the Po Valley of Northern Italy, is world famous for its food products: the Parmesan cheese and the

October 17 2012 / Local Interest

The Piazza of Perfect Love

Genova, Liguria

Genoa’s old town is the largest medieval centre in Europe and so rich in history. You’ll be surprised to discover

June 18 2012 / Local Interest

Good news from the Cinque Terre

Monterosso al Mare, Liguria

“Auguri! Complimenti!” These were my words to the erborista as I entered her lovely shop, newly rebuilt and neatly stocked. It’s

November 29 2011 / Food & Wine

Mister Basil

Celle Ligure, Liguria

This is the story of Paolo Calcagno, “Mister Basil”. He knows everything about this special aromatic plant. He has dedicated

November 3 2011 / Local Interest

Cinque Terre Floods: Disaster Relief


Just one week ago Vernazza and Monterosso of the Cinque Terre along with several lesser known villages were devastated by

July 21 2011 / Places

Mille Velieri Bianchi

Camogli, Liguria

Town of the “Thousand White Ships”… this is what Camogli has been called for many centuries. In fact, it fame

June 9 2011 / Food & Wine


Genova, Liguria

Wandering among the narrow caruggi of Genoa’s historical centre you will notice many little shops that sell farinata. Farinata, nothing

December 18 2009 / Places


Portovenere, Liguria

There are places in Italy that are simply magic. Portovenere is certainly one of these. The colorful facades of the

July 27 2009 / Places

Passeggiata Anita Garibaldi

Genoa, Liguria

Genoa may be one-third of Italy’s “industrial triangle”, however its location on the Italian Riviera is not wasted.The Nervi quartiere

February 25 2009 / Places

City of Illusions


It’s an early spring day in Camogli, and so the windows have been opened just a bit, to let fresh