November 16 2016 / Local Interest

Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Viganella, Piemonte

This small town is located near the Swiss border about 120 kms. from Torino, in the Piemonte region. Piemonte means

June 20 2016 / Art & Archaeology

The Queen’s Chambers

Nichelino, Piemonte

After 13 years, and a full restoration, the queen’s chambers opens up once again at the Palazzina di Caccia di

May 23 2016 / Events

Dimore Storiche


Historic homes… for the second year running, this Sunday the Piemonte chapter of the Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane held an

April 3 2012 / Events

Porta Palazzo

Torino, Piemonte

Turin has many small neighborhood markets, just like any other Italian town. But THE market is called Porta Palazzo, after

July 28 2010 / Places

For Bibliophiles Only..

Torino, Piemonte

After you’ve had your espresso and worked up an appetite contemplating some of the wonderful food shops, take a break

July 14 2010 / Places

Castelli di Cannero

Lago Maggiore, Piemonte

Just a stone’s throw off the shore of Lago Maggiore, near the town of Cannero and only few kilometers from

July 8 2010 / Food & Wine

Caffe San Carlo

Torino, Piemonte

Apparently, Henry James claimed that Turin is not a city to make a fuss about. He couldn’t have been more

September 11 2009 / Food & Wine

It’s All About the Cookies

Mombaruzzo, Piemonte

Think Amaretti. What comes to mind? Crispy wafers wrapped in wax paper from Saronno? Think again. In Piemonte, we wrap

July 30 2009 / Food & Wine

Forteto Vineyard

Loazzolo, Piemonte

“Well, you know, every farm needs a tractor. And Amadeus is ours,” said Giovanni Scaglione as he walked us around