July 24 2015 / Food & Wine

Shrimp and Fruit Salad


The heat wave enveloping Italy during the past weeks has made it too hot for cooking the usual dishes. Here is

February 4 2015 / Places

Beach Hopping in Sardinia


(Be sure to check out Lenora’s Italy Retreat for Women To Live La Dolce Vita in September..) First snows of

October 14 2014 / Places


Arborea, Sardegna

“Nieddittas” our friendly host told us, “Take the cozze di Arborea, those are the best.” We had asked him which

September 13 2012 / Places

Southwest Sardegna


In today’s “Wi-Fi” and “iEverything” culture, it’s not always easy to unplug. In fact, even people who search for vacation

June 16 2010 / Places

Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo, Sardegna

Out of season, the ghosts of tanned Italian VIPs and politicians are swept away by forceful winds and the granite