June 28 2012 / Local Interest

Il Sopranome: The Folksy DNA

Piovene Rochette, Veneto

Did you know that your soprannome (nickname) tells almost as much about you as the genetic instructions found in your

June 5 2012 / Local Interest

An Artist’s Venice

Venice, Veneto

You are wandering mapless through the maze of narrow, winding Venetian streets and passages, hopelessly lost but enjoying the adventure.

March 30 2012 / Events

Extraordinary Maintenance

Venice, Veneto

Manutenzione ordinaria (ordinary maintenace) and manutenzione straordinaria (Extraordinary Maintenance) are two legal terms often used in Italian leases. However, the

March 21 2012 / Places

Museo dei Cuchi

Cesuna, Veneto

There is an engaging little museum nestled in the heart of the Venetian dolomites, ski country. The theme of the

February 10 2012 / Food & Wine


Bassano del Grappa, Veneto

Grappa is an acquired taste. A marc based distilled beverage (80 to 90 proof), it was originally made in (or

February 16 2011 / Local Interest

Looking for Love in Verona

Verona, Veneto

Once upon a time, many years ago, a young man and a young woman lived in Verona, Italy. His name

September 16 2010 / Local Interest

Orsoni: A Venetian Artiturismo

Venezia, Veneto

Nestled behind high walls, hidden from its Cannaregio neighbors, resides the Orsoni mosaic foundry. A fully functioning bottega (workshop) since

July 26 2010 / Local Interest

Corners in Venice

Venice, Veneto

Keep an eye out and one of the many architectural features that will intrigue you on your next visit to

July 13 2010 / Local Interest

Burano Reflections

Burano, Veneto

Burano, located just 30 minutes by vaporetto (water bus) from the Fondamenta Nuove stop in Venice, is a delightful island

February 1 2010 / Events

Venerdi Gnocolar

Verona, Veneto

Dove va il gonfalone va la processione. That’s Veronese dialect for “Where the banner goes, so goes the procession”, an

September 23 2009 / Events


Verona, Veneto

Tocatì (“It’s your turn!” in local dialect), the annual Festival Internazionale dei Giochi in Strada (International Festival of Street Games),

May 14 2009 / Local Interest

Old World Bookshop


It is encouraging to find a bookshop that has survived the trinket establishments in this tourist challenged city. The Old

March 5 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Age-old Graffiti


It seems that every era is festooned with its own version of our modern day “writer”, intent on tagging some

December 10 2008 / Places

The Island Cemetery

San Michele, Venice

Venice’s cemetery is, fittingly enough, an island. It seems odd as a tourist destination, but if time allows, a visit

November 24 2008 / Local Interest

The Vegetable Boat


If you’ve been to Venice more than once, chances are that you’ve passed by this scene… the vegetable boat. Located

October 23 2008 / Places

Potty Over Pozzi


Here’s a bewitching subject to discover and think about during your next visit to this magical city… Walk down a

July 16 2008 / Local Interest

Mask Maker Bottega Mondonovo


Mondonovo is a small workshop near the Accademia. Mask shops are ubiquitous in Venice due to the wide-spread use of

June 27 2008 / Places

The Annual Regata

San Erasmo, Veneto

San Erasmo is considered the “poor relation”, one of the forgotten Venetian Islands (of which there are many). In reality,

June 19 2008 / Local Interest



It isn’t easy to find (nothing is in Venice), but it’s worth the effort! After receiving conflicting directions from several

June 12 2008 / Local Interest

The Squero of San Trovaso


That the gondola is Venice’s most important watercraft is a given . . . there cannot be one without the