Beach Hopping in Sardinia

February 4, 2015 / Places

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First snows of winter have you dreaming of warm azure waters, hidden coves, and white sandy beaches?


Plan your next escape to Sardinia, Italy, the second largest of the Mediterranean islands surrounded by pure Caribbean blue waters. The natural beauty of thick forests, deserts, mountainous areas, and over one thousand miles of beach is reminiscent of Italy’s extreme diversity.

Sardenia and Italy map

As you drive around Sardinia, you’ll see hundreds of varieties of beautiful trees and herbs. Myrtle, oleander, mimosa, strawberry and juniper trees merge with the rosemary, mint and thyme to produce an exotic perfume in the air. The heady fragrances create an aromatherapy healing session wherever you are.

Pelosa Beach

Sardinia’s coastline can be rocky, sandy, or lined with granite cliffs, offering an endless array of beach experiences. It’s easy to take a 45 minute flight into Olbia Airport from Florence, but you’ll need a car once you’re on the island. Then–begin your beach hopping June through October.

You’ll enjoy exploring three top beaches that have easy access into warm, crystal clear, knee-deep to waist-deep water:

Brandinchi beach is stunning near San Teodoro, also called ‘Tahiti’, 20 minutes south of Olbia airport on the eastern coast of Sardinia.
Capo Coda Cavallo, although slightly isolated along a dirt road, is enchanting, halfway between San Teodoro and the Olbia airport.
Pelosa beach near Stintino, one hour north of Alghero located on the farthest northwestern tip of Sardinia, has soft white sand and is one of the top beaches in the world. You may also go kayaking, snorkeling and boating.

Happy beach hopping in paradise!

Here’s Brandinchi..
Brandinchi Beach

Capo Coda Cavallo
Capo Cavallo

And Pelosa..
Pelosa Beach

by Lenora Spatafore Boyle

Lenora guides women into the sweet life each year through her popular Italy Retreat for Women to Live La Dolce Vita. A Sweet Life coach for 23 years, Lenora sets an irresistible stage for colorful travel adventures and transformational workshops. She is a happiness and belief expert who guides women into la dolce vita in Tuscany and the Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera.

20 Responses to “Beach Hopping in Sardinia”

  1. John Cangemi

    June–October??? I might as well go to my own beach. I wanna place I can go to when it’s snowing here!

    • John,
      How about going to the beaches in Mexico or Costa Rica in the winter?! You won;t have the great Italian food though. You’re lucky to have beaches June through October. I’m land locked in the US!

  2. David Barneby

    ” Harry’s Bar ” in Florence , a short after dinner walk from some of the best hotels .

  3. David Barneby

    I have stayed with a friend at her beautiful villa an easy 2-3 minutes walk from Spiaggia Brandinchi or perhaps better known locally as Spiaggia di Lu Impostu . it is indeed a most beautiful beach with white sand and crystal clear water a long way out . A boat ride around the Maddalena Islands is a must , stopping at different island bays to swim and snorkel . Costo Paradiso too is exquisite , more rocky and rugged but easily accessible with a short walk . I do not really recommend inland driving too far off the beaten track . I found the Sardegnans rather surly if not frightening , it is better to stick to the tourist areas and resorts .

    • David,
      We drove around the northern part of Sardinia from Olbia, to Porto Cervo, to Maddalena then onto to Alghero and back to San Teodoro to two of these beaches. Loved Maddalena Island also. Not overly friendly but didn’t experience them being surly. It is different than mainland Italy. The water is INCREDIBLE!

  4. Lenora, I admire what you do for women travelers. Sardegna, sounds beautiful, a must see. Native islanders are usually suspicious of outsiders, in Greece also. Any advice on hotels?

    • CR,
      Are you interested in hotels in Sardenia? Yes, I know about suspicions, but I enjoyed everyone I met there. It’s a large island and I only covered the top 15 % in my car adventure for the week. More to look forward to.


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