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After you’ve had your espresso and worked up an appetite contemplating some of the wonderful food shops, take a break and stroll over to the Galleria Subalpina, an elegant glass ceilinged court built in 1896, containing some very fashionable shops.

You would do well to wander into the Galleria Gilibert. It is a delightful place steeped in atmosphere, with its dark wood paneling and old bookcases containing antique books and its walls hung to the ceiling with antique prints and old maps. It looks like a setting for a Victorian novel, Dickens, perhaps. If old books fascinate you, you may never leave.

Everything you see is part of one man’s
private collection, the late Alfredo Gilibert.
His lifelong dream was to open this shop and he succeeded in doing so,
together with his son, in 1992. His son, also a passionate collector, has
now taken over. You will be met by two delightful women who will
happily tell you about the treasures around you, but who are also just
as helpful with questions about the city.


On the floor upstairs there is a large, airy space which is used for various cultural events such as book presentations, discussions and exhibitions.

(Insider’s hint: Ready for another caffé? The sophisticated, historic Caffé Baratti e Milano – small photo to the left – is just across the gallery and should be seen. Try some of their famous Gianduja chocolates!)

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