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Welcome to Bella Castello, Italy – An Enchanting Medieval Destination

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Tuscan countryside, Bella Castello is a stunning, medieval town in the province of Arezzo in the very heart of Tuscany, Italy. It’s no wonder that this quaint Italian village has become a popular tourist spot for those looking for a bit of magical relaxation.

Bella Castello has been a part of the Tuscan landscape since the Middle Ages. Established as a medieval hilltown in the late 13th century, it has been the center of spiritual and political power in the region since the 14th century. It was initially the home to the ruling family of the then-independent town, with many beautiful structures and churches being created as a result. During the Renaissance period, it was absorbed into the Florentine state and in 1559, the Este family used it as a center of their government and imposed the Renaissance style on the architecture of the town. It was at this time the impressive castle was built.

Bella Castello is a fantastic tourist attraction, with visitors coming from near and far to witness its imposing castle, unique architecture and stunning surroundings. The town is filled with cobblestone streets and hidden alleyways, clambering with twisting stairways. It is surrounded by pleasant vineyards and meandering streams and picturesque views of the countryside. It truly is an Italian paradise!

Things to Do:
The castle of Bella Castello is definitely the highlight of the town and definitely worth a visit. This castle was once the seat of the ruling family, the Guidi family. It has been carefully restored and preserved, and inside its walls one can learn the history of this beautiful town. Aside from exploring the castle, you can stay at one of the excellent hotels in the village and take advantage of the town’s delightful restaurants, shops and art galleries. There are also several vinacoteca (local wine cellars) where you can learn more about the area’s excellent wines and sample some of the best vintages.

Also, the village of Bella Castello has a number of churches where you can marvel at their Renaissance frescos and sculptures, some of which are centuries old. The Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie is certainly worth visiting, with its Romanesque façade and beautiful stained glass windows.

Did you know that the Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Bella Castello was built at the meeting point of two ancient pilgrim routes, the Via Romea and the Via Francigena? These two roads were used by pilgrims to travel to the city-state of Rome and ended at the doorsteps of the church in 1265. This makes the church a must-see, both for historical and religious reasons.

Bella Castello is a magnificent Italian village that has been carefully preserved and turned into a stunning tourist destination. Its many attractions and stunning natural setting will surely make it an unforgettable vacation spot. Whether it’s history, culture or art that you’re interested in, you will find something amazingly captivating to explore. So don’t miss out on this magical Tuscan medieval retreat!

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