Vieste – a good day

May 18, 2011 / Places
Vieste, Puglia
The easy days very quickly came to be expected as one ran one into another. Each day deepened euphoria within our souls. Walking in the sunshine in as ‘perfect’ weather for which you might hope. Never really thinking this would be, yet amazed once again, relishing ‘what an incredibly good day were having’.

Our trip to Vieste in the Puglia region was spectacular. How breathless can a person become, time and time again? The sights, the sounds, and the smells all enlisting passionate feelings within that say,

“Here is where I want to be” in this place of beauty. This place, only God could have made.

Once again however, we were faced with the dilemma; should we continue to feast our eyes, or are our bellies to win the war between ‘Heart and soul’? Our eyes witnessing wonders, our bellies crying out for that which we know will be ecstasy? After all we are only human!

As before, our bellies have prevailed! So we searched this beautiful white-washed cittá for a place to dine. The search was a serious one. Not missing a turn or via. And fruitful it proved to be. What we found, a trattoria within the walls of the cittá, so delightful that another tale needs to be told…

Giuseppe Spano

by Giuseppe Spano

  Chef,instructor,poet,lecturer,dreamer,marito,father,grandfather great grandfather; while loving it all!    Mi diletto nel popolo italiano

15 Responses to “Vieste – a good day”

  1. Peggy Corrao

    What beautifully written prose that fills my mind and soul… as though you are writing of an imaginary place that can only live in the mind of an artist… yet this depicts an actual citta, a place I’ve longed to visit for many years. Thank you.

  2. Angela

    Giuseppe, Mine eyes have seen such equally beautiful wonders in various other parts of Italy. Each time I visit, my imagination and senses come alive, savoring each moment, because I know that my stay usually comes to an end way too quickly. Thanks for your passionate observations!

  3. Cheryl

    Your descriptive writing is CAPTIVATING!!! I simply FELL into your story! Thank you..

  4. Michele

    I believe the third photo down on this page is not Vieste at all but Monte Sant’Angelo.

  5. Your story is so beautiful. As I read this I can imagine myself walking with you in this wonderful citta. And yes where is the TRATTORIA? I cannot wait for the tale to be continued.
    Grazi Mille!!!!!!!

  6. giuseppe spano (jojo)
    giuseppe spano (jojo)

    Caro Misael (Michele)
    Your eye is keen,on those limited three days I had taken 200 fotos on the trip up the east coast of Gargano passing Monte Sant’ Angelo. wanting all to see the land I failed to give complete account. I must write a complete book!

  7. MaryAnn Zeppetello

    My mother-in-law and her several siblings were Born in Vieste. They lived on the Street of Three Pigeons. I have pictures of the door to their home. They left in the early years of 1900s and settled in Syracuse,Utica, and Pittsburgh.

    My husband and I visited in 1969 and were surprised to find the major supermercato bore her maiden name, Vescera. We did find some relatives and had a caffe and cookies with them. Such a beautiful city. I’d like to visit again some day.

  8. Roberta

    Lovely description. Thank you. Waiting for the rest of the story

  9. Peggy Corrao

    We are going there in October… keep writing, we are so excited!

  10. Dino Romanucci

    With part of my family stopped here had a great lunch and visited this beautiful cite’ on our way to visit Padre Pio, now of course Santo Pio. Thank you for reminding this great area!!!


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