July 22 2010 / Art & Archaeology

Duomo di San Matteo

Salerno, Campania

The duomo (literally “dome”, but meaning “cathedral”) at Salerno is rich in architectural delights. It is dedicated to Mary of

June 10 2010 / Local Interest

Bespoke spokes – Talarico Umbrellas

Napoli, Campania

In one of Naples’ dusky alleyways is a little umbrella factory that puts others in the shade. It was 150

March 17 2010 / Local Interest

Borgo Orefici

Naples, Campania

From the time of Giovanna I of Anjou, crowned queen of Naples in 1343, Neapolitan goldsmiths have congregated in a

February 26 2010 / Places

La Crypta Neapolitana

Napoli, Campania

Remember the poet Virgil’s special powers? For the man who buried the magical egg under Castel dell’Ovo, it would be

February 8 2010 / Places

The Campo Santo

Pisa, Tuscany

Holy ground indeed! Tradition tells us that the Campo Santo (literally “holy field”), a magnificent walled cemetery in Pisa, contains

January 12 2010 / Places

Santa Chiara Cloister

Napoli, Campania

What does the word ‘cloister’ conjure up? Gothic arches, crepuscular gloom, secondary characters from the Twilight vampire saga around the

November 13 2009 / Art & Archaeology

San Michele Arcangelo

Anacapri, Campania

What would you give for a glimpse of Paradise? On the island of Capri you’ll find more than that. Welcome

October 22 2009 / Local Interest

A Fishy Business

Napoli, Campania

One of the glories of Neapolitan cuisine is fresh fish. Even Brits like me whose only childhood encounter with fish

October 2 2009 / Local Interest

A View of the Vomero

Naples, Campania

The classic postcard of Naples has four elements – blue sea, bluer sky, the pleasing curve of the bay and

July 7 2009 / Places

Villa Floridiana


If Naples is a feast of sound and colour, the Villa Floridiana is the mint tea to follow, refreshing, green

June 5 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Villa Jovis


Telecommuting from Capri, who wouldn’t? But 2000 years ago? That’s exactly what Emperor Tiberius did for ten years. Capri is

May 8 2009 / Art & Archaeology

A Puzzle at Pozzuoli


For enthusiasts of construction games and puzzles, the Flavian Amphitheatre at Pozzuoli is intriguing. In the ruins of the third

April 23 2009 / Local Interest

La Nunziatella


Some people have fairies at the bottom of their garden. We have the oldest military academy in Europe at the

March 27 2009 / Places

Il Castel dell’Ovo


The magnificent Castel dell’Ovo (Egg Castle) dominates the Naples seafront. This sophisticated sandcastle – see where the spade sliced down

March 16 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Doric, Ionic, Iconic…


…and very Dramatic. That first sight of the temples of Paestum releases something potent into the bloodstream. How are these

March 3 2009 / Places

Villa San Michele


It is beautiful in winter, untrammelled and un-trampled. And luckily Axel Munthe’s visionary creation, the Villa San Michele, built on

February 4 2009 / Places

The Colours of Corricella

Corricella, Procida

On the island of Procida is a village that still uses its fishing boats when so many other little towns

January 15 2009 / Places

Certosa di San Martino


Here’s a thought about death, something you really mustn’t ever mention in Naples as all kinds of socially-determined behaviours ensue,

December 15 2008 / Food & Wine

Neapolitan Overtures


First impressions are so important. And in Naples it’s the vegetable antipasti that belt out a trumpet fanfare for the

November 18 2008 / Events

THE Sunday Passegiata


The passeggiata is an Italian institution, but one of its most charming versions has to be the stroll from Santa