November 13 2013 / Food & Wine

When life Gives you lemons…

Amalfi, Campania

…make limoncello, lemon soap, lemon ceramics, lemon candles, limoncello granita. The Amalfi coast isn’t just about stunning sea views, romantic

October 11 2013 / Places

The Gardens of La Foce, a Tuscan Gem

Chianciano Terme, Tuscany

In the early 1920s, Iris Origo, an American brought up in Florence, and her husband, Antonio, bought a vast swath

June 28 2013 / Events

Festa della Lavanda

Castelnuovo di Assisi, Umbria

Announcement: Many thanks to all who are contributing to ItalianNotebook’s ongoing fundraising efforts. It’s heartening to see the reaction of

May 7 2013 / Food & Wine

Norcia’s place in the sun

Norcia, Umbria

(..part of this great series of five notes.) Cured pork and artisanal cheeses aren’t all Norcia has to offer: there are

April 4 2013 / Food & Wine

Hunting Season: Wild Asparagus


It was a chilly, wet spring day and I could see the clouds hanging low across the valley. My house,

March 14 2013 / Food & Wine


Modena, Emilia-Romagna

Everyone in Modena is an expert on balsamic vinegar, just as everyone in Boston is an expert on baseball. Taxi

December 5 2012 / Food & Wine

The Carapace of Bevagna

Bevagna, Umbria

A giant futuristic tortoise is poised a grassy hills in Umbria near Bevagna. No one is filming a thriller out

November 16 2012 / Food & Wine

Alessandro Pistoni, cured pork Maestro

Campi, Umbria

(..part of this great series of five notes.) After a series of hairpin curves, we stopped in the tiny town of

October 29 2012 / Food & Wine

Daniele Salvatori, fresh pork Maestro

Visso, Le Marche

(..part of this great series of five notes.) After coffee, we drove around to Daniele Salvatori’s place, where Flavio buys fresh

October 8 2012 / Food & Wine

Ernesto Tiberi’s Pecorino and Ricotta

Norcia, Umbria

(..part of this great series) Cheese seller Agriturismo Quarantotti was the next stop on our shopping list. Flavio and owner Ernesto

September 20 2012 / Local Interest

Dancing the Liscio in the Piazza

San Terenziano, Umbria

The annual festa in San Terenziano was in full swing, July 27th to August 5th. Reinvigorated ten years ago by

July 9 2012 / Places

The local’s Capri beach…

Marina Grande, Capri

Most people don’t go to Capri for the beach and, in fact, the island only has two of them. But,

June 26 2012 / Local Interest

Rita Rossi and goat cheese

Colforcella di Cascia, Umbria

(…part of this series) Flavio fired up his black and white Mini one day and we headed out into the

June 14 2012 / Food & Wine

Local Cuisine in the Land of Plenty

Norcia, Umbria

What kind of challenge is it to practice chilometro zero (local) provisioning in Norcia, Umbria, where the daily fare includes

February 6 2012 / Places

Singing Olive Tree?

Castelnuovo di Farfa, Lazio

There is absolutely no telling what you will find in the small towns of Italy. In the tiny village of

November 23 2011 / Places

Queen of the North

Trieste, Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Nestled in the curve of the Istrian Peninsula on the northernmost shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Trieste is a city

July 6 2011 / Food & Wine

Italian Wines Rule


Newsflash! Italy has surpassed France in production of wine, according to Coldiretti, the organization of Italian farmers (Confederazione Nazionale Coltivatori

June 20 2011 / Places

Under Circe’s Spell

Parco Nazionale del Circeo, Lazio

In Homer’s Odyssey, Ulysses sailed along the Italian coast from Sicily, where he encountered the Cyclops and the Sirens, up