November 5 2009 / Food & Wine

The Legend of Risotto alla Milanese

Milano, Lombardia

It was September 1574, and Milan’s cathedral, the Duomo, had been under construction for almost two hundred years. By then,

July 16 2009 / Food & Wine

La Grattachecca


In Rome, the summer heat has the timing of a naughty child ( it hits as soon as vacations start

June 17 2009 / Local Interest

Wall-E Exists, And He Is Italian!


While walking through the streets of Pisa as of April this year, you might have encountered five foot tall green

May 6 2009 / Local Interest

The Man Behind the Mask

Rione Sanita', Napoli

Brunello Leone was an architect who gave up his career in 1978. He did not win the lottery, nor did

April 28 2009 / Local Interest

Sons of… Wolf


Just like the city itself, Rome’s history too is a multi-layered tangle of stories and legends with Rome’s birth itself

April 3 2009 / Events

Fun Run


Few marathons involve chihuauas, couples in ski gear, little kids, orchestras and free cartons of great Italian milk. One such

March 20 2009 / Local Interest

The non-Campaign


Your brave journalist was prevented from taking pictures for this Note, chased and almost run over by two angry women

March 4 2009 / Local Interest

In Ritardo – The Bus


At some point in Italy, you will be obliged to take the bus. Here you will encounter two opposite –

February 26 2009 / Food & Wine

Italia Express


He didn’t paint the Sistine Chapel, fight for the unification of Italy, or invent the radio. Yet in 1933, Alfonso