The Bicerin, Torino’s Chocolate Coffee Extravaganza

March 25, 2014 / Food & Wine
Torino, Bicerin

Unless you are from Turin, you probably haven’t heard of the hidden gem that is the “Bicerin”. Invented in the 18th century, the Bicerin has become somewhat of an indulgent luxury for many people living in the Piedmont capital.

How so? Well the Bicerin is a three layered coffee drink. Depsite the fact that the name means “little glass,” glasses are usually 1ft tall and very narrow. The base layer consists of the finest gianduja (a hazelnut blend) chocolate fondue. Some cafés might serve Nutella instead of gianduja. On top of this layer is a cup of espresso, which blends with the chocolate base perfectly. To top everything off, a scoop of delicious cold whipped cream with chocolate flakes, that balances out the strong hot chocolate-coffee base layers, creating the ultimate mix which results in an invigorating and euphoric winter drink.

The Bicerin is fairly pricey (around 5 Euros) and can only be had in Torino’s Centro Storico, it still remains a must for any Turin explorer.


-Contributed by Karim Ramadan of Prof.Geoghegan’s Travel Writing Class, American University of Rome.

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  1. Joan Schmelzle

    I have had a Bicerin in Turin at Al Bicerin, the cafe across from the church of the Consolata. It’s been several years, but I know it did not come in a glass like the one in the picture. It was much shorter. But it certainly was very, very good!

  2. Dear Karim, Your article was concise and to the point… coffee!!!
    I have never had one of these but am taking notes. Reading Italian Notebook gives me the chance to write out a list of places to go, things to eat and now drink. I do love my coffee and I just wanted to let you know this article hit the spot. Thanks so much for sharing…

  3. Marcia Bailey

    What a surprise, one week ago last Sunday I was enjoying a bicerin at Al Bicerin! Torino and this wonderful drink are both worth the trip. Thanks for a great article.

  4. Giuseppe Spano
    Giuseppe Spano

    It is most satisfying and indulgent, perfect before an evenings rest…..if you can.!

  5. Cathy Wright

    Ah….I have had these every time I’ve been to Torino (5 times now) and have had 2-4 over 2 days….even though it’s in July and is about 33* out!

  6. Silverhappy Girl

    What a lovely treat- that will be easy to duplicate for my friends and family! It won’t have the special panache of having the authentic one- but it will motivate all of us to get back to enjoy Itay! Thanks for sharing this bit of Italian life with us!


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