November 18 2013 / Local Interest

Rome is “more”

Rome, Lazio

Rome is “more”, spelt funny. Sometimes you have to look for it. A less obvious, more recent past remains to

November 15 2013 / Events

Food through the Ages

Rome, Lazio

The postcards are from the Victorian era (called the stile Umbertino in Italian, after the King at the time) as

November 12 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Hidden Norchia

Norchia, Lazio

After a visit to UNESCO world heritage sites of Tarquinia and Cerveteri north of Rome, one is ready for the rock hewn Etruscan

October 18 2013 / Local Interest

Taken for a Ride


I had just picked up my brother at his house, located along a long, dead-end, narrow country road. Obliged to

October 8 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Mastro Cencio’s Masterpiece Reproductions

Civita Castellana

The workshop of Vincenzo Dobboloni sits on a quiet corner between Civita Castellana’s two major sites: the fortress of Pope

July 30 2013 / Local Interest

Breakfast at the Forum?

Rome, Lazio

Why “at the Forum”? Well, first because they have pesky rules against eating “in the forum”; there is no bar

July 16 2013 / Local Interest

Accademia di Santa Cecilia


It’s easy to only think of paintings and sculpture when taking in art in Rome. But how about music? Overwhelmed

July 9 2013 / Places


Ponza, Lazio

This small island just off the Tyrrhenian coast between Rome and Naples is a local, very pleasant and low-key weekend

June 20 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Santa Cecilia

Rome, Lazio

The story goes that Santa Cecilia (the c‘s pronounced like “ch” in children) was a 2nd century young Roman Christian

June 18 2013 / Places

Hoops, Cardinal?

Rome, Lazio

You approach the grand Palazzo della Cancelleria (the Papal Chancellery). Built for Cardinal Riario, the nephew of Pope Sistus IV

June 4 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Served by the Servian Wall?

Rome, Lazio

The Servian Walls of Rome, so called after the 6th century BC king Servius Tullius (even though they’re really from

June 3 2013 / Places

Cherry blossoms in Rome..

Rome, Lazio

In the middle of Rome?! Yet there it is… and the moment you cross the threshold of Via Antonio Gramsci

May 29 2013 / Local Interest

The Rocca

Palombara Sabina, Lazio

Hill-top castles such as this are the kind of thing one runs into when you get off the beaten path

May 14 2013 / Food & Wine

Ge.Pa… who?

Fiumicino, Lazio

Hungry from waiting longer than expected due to a delayed flight at the airport? No doubt whoever you’re picking up

May 8 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Miracle at San Bartolomeo

Rome, Lazio

If two of the three miracles required to become Saint must be done while alive, it follows that many of

April 29 2013 / Places

The Most Capital Terrace Cafe’

Rome, Lazio

You know it’s right there. Just an extra 5 minute walk and you’re clear of the chaos and traffic of

April 23 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Il Fontanone, aka Big Fountain

Rome, Lazio

What few know is that il fontanone up on the Gianicolo hill overlooking Rome is essentially a triumphal arch modeled

April 22 2013 / Local Interest

Rome wasn’t built in a Day


The great masters of the Renaissance — da Vinci, Michelangelo, et al. — if asked by the House of Medici,

April 18 2013 / Places

Il Palazzo dei Papi

Viterbo, Lazio

You begin to wonder whether someone had a play for theater in mind and built this palazzo as the set.

April 12 2013 / Food & Wine


Nemi, Lazio

It is hard to believe that something so small can have such an intense fragrance. Mind you, the normal farm

April 8 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Humble country mouse?

Licenza, Lazio

Remember the story of the humble country mouse (Rusticus) that welcomes the visit of his city-dwelling cousin, Urbanus? With little

March 27 2013 / Local Interest

An unusual point of view..

Rome, Lazio

The duomo in Florence is pretty much visible from anywhere along the edge of town. Even in town, if the

March 20 2013 / Events

Easter Celebrations in Etruria

Northern Lazio, Italy

Holy Week processions of great intensity are celebrated in many towns of the Etruria/Tuscia region where ancient traditions continue, often