January 21 2015 / Events

Farewell to Presidente Napolitano

Rome, Italy

This past Wednesday the magnificent presidential residence Palazzo Quirinale was vacated by elderly statesman Giorgio Napolitano after his 9 year

December 10 2014 / Local Interest

Friends in High Places

Rome, Italy

While having a friend with good strong connections intercede on one’s behalf is a practice that certainly exists the world

November 7 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Long Lost Mary Magdalene?

Rome, Italy

Just recently a 1610 letter was found in the Vatican archives in which a Bishop in Naples notifies Cardinal Borghese

October 28 2014 / Food & Wine

The Art of Ordering Prosciutto…

Rome, Lazio

Easy, right? Hmmm… but do you want crudo or cotto? (cured or cooked, respectively) Do you need it for cooking,

October 13 2014 / Local Interest

Ottobrata Romana

Rome, Italy

To this day people refer to the ottobrata romana (Roman October) when speaking of a mild, still warm autumn day.

September 25 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Le Baccanti

Rome, Italy

Trance-like states? Music, drumming, and ecstatic dancing? Intoxication by wine? Sounds like a party! Perhaps in many ways it actually

September 19 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Semplice, no?

Rome, Italy

A beautifully handcrafted, Italian designed line of jewelry, the GrandTour Collection, made by our new friends Micaela and Roberto Borrazzi

September 9 2014 / Food & Wine

Maritozzo con Panna

Rome, Italy

With the rientro in full swing and the summer holidays already distant memories, it’s go go go errands to run

July 18 2014 / Food & Wine

Rome’s Best Cappuccino

Rome, Lazio

More than 2,000 satisfied Romans, the majority lawyers working at the nearby legal offices and courts, make a daily stop at

July 10 2014 / Local Interest

Botteghiamo Walks

Rome, Lazio

The good folks at Botteghiamo are at it again. (We wrote about them and their work to promote the traditional

July 3 2014 / Local Interest

Rome Watching Rome

Rome, Italy

One of those infinitely recursive loops that occur in buggy computer programs has been taking place in Rome. Take the

June 23 2014 / Local Interest

Monte di Pietá

Rome, Lazio

It’s notoriously difficult to find an ATM in Rome that’s working, accepts your credit card, etc. Short of cash for

June 18 2014 / Food & Wine

Medieval Cloister / Hospital Café

Rome, Italy

Here’s another case in Rome where an older building has been incorporated into a newer one and where its function

April 1 2014 / Local Interest

Living Heritage – Colosseum Condos

Rome, Italy

While the “Living Heritage” school of archaeology is a recent development within academia, the idea itself is nothing new. The

March 27 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Caesar’s Julian Calendar

Rome, Italy

Interested in taking a few walks through Rome, from either the comfort of your armchair or in person next time

March 21 2014 / Art & Archaeology

The Smell of Ancient Roman Libraries?

Rome, Italy

For me, one of life’s greatest pleasures is walking into an old library and sniffing. I adore the old book

March 5 2014 / Events

Mestieri d’Arte e di Gusto

Rome, Italy

The good folks over at Botteghiamo are at it again! (We wrote a note on them about a year ago

March 3 2014 / Local Interest

Public Offices

Rome, Italy

It seems that the Ancient Romans were largely responsible for the development of political bureaucracy. Commendable innovation to be sure,

February 19 2014 / Local Interest

Il Capitano ar Centro

Rome, Italy

AS Roma – Rome’s famed red and yellow soccer team – is having a great year. A French coach (Rudy

February 17 2014 / Food & Wine

Rita’s Radicchio Risotto Recipe

Rome, Italy

We are proud to present an… Extra Content Note! ..the first in a series, to sincerely say “Thank You!” to

February 12 2014 / Events

Cookie Factory

Rome, Lazio

Carnevale is a few weeks away and so the Innocenti’s family biscottificio (literally “cookie making enterprise”!) is already at full

February 4 2014 / Local Interest

Fish Day Cacophony

Rome, Lazio

Tuesdays and Fridays are fish days at the neighborhood markets in the piazze of Italy. No, you can’t buy fish

January 20 2014 / Places

Er Core de Roma: Pigneto

Rome, Lazio

Paintings of Pigneto by Kelly Medford. Just as the ancient ruins of Rome paint a picture of what life was