October 16 2007 / Local Interest

Il Buco di Roma: Go Ahead, Take a Peek

Rome, Lazio

Peeping through any other keyhole is considered rude (and might lead to trouble), but there is one in Rome that

October 15 2007 / Local Interest

Il Cannone at Noon


Clockwork. Everyday the cannon blast marks noon. After jumping out of your skin (it gets you every time!), you look

October 11 2007 / Local Interest

The Roman Nasone


Neither the Colosseum nor St.Peter’s dome, the cobblestones or un caffe’. While all these are part and parcel of the

October 10 2007 / Art & Archaeology

Pluto and Proserpina


It makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up every time you see it. Be still and

October 8 2007 / Food & Wine

Rughetta-The Summer Green

Rome, Italy

Rucola or rughetta in Roman, arugula in Italian, rocket in English. Call it what you will, but this IS one