May 6 2016 / Food & Wine

A “Saintly” Gelato

Bolsena, Lazio

Patron saint and early Christian martyr, Santa Cristina reigns in Bolsena – and in unexpected ways. You’ll want to wander

April 22 2016 / Food & Wine

A Feast Worthy of Purgatorio

Lake Bolsena, Lazio

About seven kilometers from Gradoli, picturesque Latium hilltown on Lake Bolsena’s western shore, pull in at the 15th-century lavic stone

April 8 2016 / Food & Wine

Seeking that Wild Asparagus Bliss

Scratched arms and legs, thorn-pricked hands and itchy, sweaty skin can all herald bliss: when you scramble up out of

March 18 2016 / Food & Wine

La Polentata: a Cornmeal Communion

Assisi, Umbria

– Local knowledge such as this is the heart and fun of Anne’s U.S. Cooking and Lecture Tour “Feast of

February 19 2016 / Food & Wine

Peppa to the (Wine) Rescue!

Umbria, Italia

– Stories such as this are the heart and fun of Anne’s U.S. Cooking and Lecture Tour “Feast of Umbrian

January 29 2016 / Food & Wine

Cicerchie: A Filling Breakfast Soup

Assisi, Umbria

– Recipes and stories such as this are the heart and fun (and taste!) of Anne’s U.S. Cooking and Lecture

December 18 2015 / Events

Abruzzo Mountains, a Pastoral Gala

Campo Imperatore, Abruzzo

With brightly-luminous blue eyes and a twinkling grin, bare-chested, bearded Sergio was one of the shepherds showing sheep flock (450

November 20 2015 / Events

Arcidosso’s Festa della Castagna

Arcidosso, Tuscany

In late fall, chestnuts pop in the night in the medieval backstreets of Arcidosso, Tuscan mountain village on Mount Amiata.

November 5 2015 / Food & Wine

The Devious Temptress of San Vito Lo Capo

San Vito lo Capo, Sicilia

For the ancient Greeks and Romans, la sirenetta (“the mermaid”) was the devious temptress wooing sailors off course, leading them

October 16 2015 / Food & Wine

Marettimo’s “Fish-Bait Wreath”

Marettimo, Sicilia

As you approach the Marettimo trattoria with leaping blue dolphins painted on the side, you know you’ve found the right

August 11 2015 / Food & Wine

Tips from the “Virgil” of Sperlonga

Sperlonga, Lazio

(…cont’d from here.) …and Rocco, my “Sperlonga Virgil,” was right about Il Bistrot (and not only). After my first dinner

July 27 2015 / Places

Finding “a Virgil” in Sperlonga

Sperlonga, Lazio

“No time to leave fruit in your apartment, Anna, but try these,” dark-haired Rocco urged, as he plucked juicy midnight

July 16 2015 / Food & Wine

Mozzafiato Lenticchie di Castelluccio

Castelluccio, Umbria

(…cont’d from here.) …and no visit to Castelluccio is complete without a bowl of hearty zuppa di lenticchie, accompanied by

July 16 2015 / Food & Wine

Umbrian Lentil Soup


For about 6 persons Ingredients: 1 lb lentils 1 carrot, finely-chopped 1 medium-sized stalk of celery, finely-chopped 1 small white

July 10 2015 / Events

Mozzafiato Majesty of il Piano Grande

Piano Grande, Umbria

Only mozzafiato (literally, “cutting off, truncating your breath”; more visceral than the English, “breathless”) can describe your first site of

June 19 2015 / Food & Wine

Spezia’s Sublime Seafood

La Spezia, Liguria

As we pushed open the osteria‘s dark green wooden door, lace curtains on the windows, our spezzina friend Monia asked