April 2 2015 / Food & Wine

Spring’s Secret Agent

Sant'Agata de' Goti, Campania

The other day I was walking by the pharmacy in my little town of S. Agata dè Goti. It is

May 9 2014 / Local Interest

VideoNote: Pedaling to the Past

Piedimonte Matese, Campania

THIS IS A NEW VIDEONOTE! – SEE BELOW Dear friends, following your great feedback upon publishing the latest of five

April 10 2014 / Food & Wine

VideoNote: The Soul of the Pizza

THIS IS A NEW VIDEONOTE! – SEE BELOW Dear friends, as you are probably aware, ItalianNotebook has been experimenting with

March 6 2014 / Events

VideoNote: La Ruzzola del Formaggio

Pontelandolfo, Campania

(THIS IS A NEW VIDEONOTE! – SEE BELOW) Every year starting late January in the province of Benevento in Campania

February 25 2014 / Art & Archaeology

VideoNote: Belpensiero (Beautiful Thoughts)

San Lorenzello, Campania

(CONTAINS A NEW VIDEONOTE! – SEE BELOW) The famous tiles of Naples, Amalfi, Vietri and Sorrento were fruit of the

January 27 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Vespasian’s Legacy

Morcone, Campania

Not a lot is known about the Emperor Vespasian’s life and brief rule, except that he was a highly competent

December 23 2013 / Food & Wine

Just ‘Desserts’?

Montesarchio, Campania

If you are a subscriber to ItalianNotebook, you are probably a lover of Italy and its wonderful cuisine. If, on

December 12 2013 / Local Interest

The Making of Bill de Blasio… literally

Sant'Agata de' Goti, Campania

The sleepy hamlet of Sant’Agata de’ Goti was recently catapulted to fame by the election of the mayor of New

October 25 2012 / Places

Feeding the Fountains of Kings

Valle di Maddaloni, Campania

The grandeur of the Royal Palace of Caserta was surpassed only by the lavish abode of Louis XIV at Versailles.

July 12 2012 / Food & Wine


The Sannio, Campania

Scauratielli or scauratieddi is a traditional dessert recipe that is a favorite among both children and adults in the Campanian

October 18 2011 / Food & Wine

Pizza, Pane & Pignata

Sant'Agata de' Goti, Campania

The pignata, seemingly straight out of Geppetto’s workshop in Pinocchio, is a ceramic pot that comes in various sizes. It

September 30 2011 / Food & Wine

Have I Made Myself Unclear?


If there is one thing that really has my knickers in a twist, it’s that after 50 years in Italy

June 17 2011 / Places

Yours Trulli

Alberobello, Puglia

I recently spent five glorious days revisiting Puglia and one of the places I enjoyed most was Alberobello. That is

May 27 2011 / Local Interest

Everything’s Coming Up Roses…

Sant'Agata de' Goti, Campania

Sorry, but I’m a sucker for springtime. After forty-five years of city life in Rome, the last six in the

May 16 2011 / Events

The ‘Giro’ Sweeps S. Agata

Sant'Agata de' Goti, Campania

The Giro d’Italia (pronounced Jee-row) is a long distance road bicycle race that has been one of Italy’s most passionately-loved

April 20 2011 / Food & Wine

Stella’s Pastiera

Sant'Agata de' Goti, Campania

(cont’d from here…) Without a doubt, grano (literally “grain”, i.e. durum wheat) is the characteristic ingredient of this recipe. If

April 18 2011 / Local Interest

Wow Those Wisterias!

As I was walking along Sant’Agata’s sunny ‘panoramica’ and basking in the delicious warmth of the longer days, I marveled

December 13 2010 / Local Interest

A Passion for Presepe

Sant'Agata de Goti, Campania

It’s that time of year again and we’ve already started the countdown towards Christmas. In America, there are advent calendars

May 21 2010 / Food & Wine

The Sweet-Talking Star of the Sannio

Sant'Agata dei Goti

Stella means star. Stella Ricci is the premier baker and chocolatier of the Sannio and a very entertaining woman. I

May 12 2010 / Events

San Pasquale

Airola, Campania

S. Pasquale is the patron saint of fertility, wealth and abundance. The citizens of Airola are particularly devoted to him as

April 12 2010 / Local Interest

Mamma: More than a Mother


Although the lifestyle of italian families is rapidly changing, la mamma, particularly in the South, is more than a person,

February 10 2010 / Local Interest

The Fable of the Ruzzola

Pontelandolfo, Campania

The tiny town of Pontelandolfo is notable for an unusual tournament known as the Ruzzola del Formaggio (here and here)