November 30 2011 / Events

La Raccolta delle Olive

Arezzo, Tuscany

The raccolta delle olive begins as soon as the sun has warmed the trees and dried off any dew that

November 9 2011 / Art & Archaeology

Palazzo Farnese

Rome, Lazio

Everyone knows the High Renaissance Palazzo Farnese in Rome. Many try to go visit and some succeed, though it is

July 28 2011 / Places

Stazione Termini

Rome, Italy

If one lives in Rome, one is inevitably in and out of Stazione Termini. Many of us like it; others

July 11 2011 / Places

The MAXXI Museum

Rome, Lazio

Rome can be modern! And WOW! Just go to the MAXXI near Renzo Piano’s Auditorium to see just how modern!

June 13 2011 / Art & Archaeology

Casino Ludovisi

Rome, Lazio

There is a secret spot in Rome that only aficionados know about. It is the Casino Ludovisi with its ceiling

June 7 2011 / Places

Monte Velino

Monte Velino, Abruzzo

Four intrepid hikers set out early one gorgeous Sunday morning in May to hike Monte Velino in the close Abruzzi.

May 9 2011 / Places

Villa I Tatti

Florence, Tuscany

Up above Florence, not far from Fiesole and Settignano, is the picturesque Villa I Tatti, formerly owned by Bernard and

April 27 2011 / Places

Monte Gennaro

Monte Gennaro, Lazio

Spring had finally come to Rome, after many rainy cold weekends. It was a perfect April Saturday to go for

February 11 2011 / Art & Archaeology

Vestal Virgins back in the Forum

Rome, Italy

On February 4, the House of the Vestal Virgins at the foot of the Palatine Hill in the Roman Forum

February 4 2011 / Places

Monte Soratte

Sant'Oreste, Lazio

About 45 kms. north of Rome, Monte Soratte looms up like a great fin between the Tiber to the east

November 8 2010 / Local Interest

Monte Passeggio

Veroli, Lazio

We set off from Rome at 8:30 one brisk Saturday morning in October to tackle the summit of Monte Passeggio,

October 29 2010 / Events

Artisti in Piazza

Pennabilli, Le Marche

Our oil is beauty. Beauty makes our thoughts soar. And we throw it away, as though it were coins in

July 20 2010 / Places

Republic of San Marino

Repubblica di San Marino

What? There is another country inside Italy? Si! It is the Republic of San Marino, located between Emilia-Romagna and Le

March 31 2009 / Places

Royal Silk Factory

San Leucio

In 1750, Bourbon King Charles VII and his son Ferdinand I, builders of Caserta’s Reggia (Royal Palace), chose to turn