The Tolling of the Bell

October 5, 2011 / Events
Savona, Liguria

Savona has been upholding a unique and to outsiders surprising tradition, every single day for 80 years now.

Cross Piazza Mameli at 6 pm and you, as well as traffic, city hustle-bustle, and all Savonesi, will stop right in your tracks, and listen to the piazza’s monument’s bell toll twenty-one times.

The reason for this is to remember all those who died in World War I; the 21 peals stand for every letter in the Italian alphabet, representing all the last names of the fallen.

Everybody, pedestrians, car drivers, bike riders, kids and the elderly fall silent and stop in memory of the War Heroes. It is quite moving and a great way to remember these people, such as grandfathers, parents, etc.

Rest in peace all you brave men of both world wars.

Anna Merulla

by Anna Merulla

Founder of Beautiful Liguria, a travel concierge service that offers everything from tour planning, hiking excursions, cooking lessons, personal shopping and much more in this great region. In 2009 she decided to begin sharing her personal knowledge of the beauty, the culture, and the history of Liguria in which she’s immersed every day.

10 Responses to “The Tolling of the Bell”

  1. Gina Foglia

    I agree – lovely – as well, please add “…all you brave Men [and Women]…”

  2. Silva Martini Schuster

    What a beautiful gesture…so simple and so profound…that all who died during that war are thus remembered.
    Thank you for telling us about it.

  3. Graciela Cattarossi

    I think it is really touching that people who died during both Wars are remembered. It does not happen often except in rare occasions. I would like to add that among those to be remembered there are many American soldieres among others, 4.402 in Florence, 7,861 in Sicily-Rome American Cementery etc.

  4. Virgil Franco

    What a wonderful thing they do.God bless each and every one.thank you.


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