January Commitment

January 25, 2008 / Food & Wine
They say the difference between bacon and eggs is one of contribution vs. commitment. While the chicken might make a contribution, it’s the pig that makes the commitment. And so lucky us . . less so the pig . . . January is the month when Italian pigs make the commitment . . . tons of pork meat gets prepared in country homes, farms, and macellerie (butcher shops) all over Italy.

Visiting the local macelleria this month you will find an even greater than usual choice of the entire range of delicious traditional Italian pork products . . . beginning with still warm porchetta, (rosemary and pepper cured, spit-roasted), often available directly from a to-go glass case on the sidewalk as a sandwich outside the shop.

Here master butcher Sergio shows off the dark sausages he’s prepared and strung like garlands along the shop’s marble wall. The Furia family prides itself on the variety of fresh and cured meats they offer such as salsiccie con peperoncino (spicy sausages with red pepper), bianche (light colored), and al fegato (dark sausages made with the addition of liver). All the butchering work is done on site and they are so proud of their herds raised in the wild that they even had a portrait painted of them and placed over the counter!

Given the level of commitment, we would expect no less . . .

Macelleria Furia, Piazza della Rocca, Vetralla (VT)

Mary Jane Cryan

by Mary Jane Cryan

Mary Jane is a historian, cruise lecturer, author and publisher of books on Italian history and central Italy has been residing in Italy for half a century.

See her award winning website www.elegantetruria.com and weekly blog posts on 50YearsInItaly for more about central Italy and to order books directly from the author.

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