Caffé Shakerato

September 12, 2008 / Local Interest
Summer may be nearing its end, but look for more hot days ahead. So how to get a coffee fix that won’t give you heat stroke? Go for a caffé shakerato. We’re not joking, this is its real Italian name, conjugated from the English verb “to shake”! Here’s how to make one in your own kitchen…

Step 1) Make a double serving of espresso. (Look at the brand of the espresso maker.. wasn’t aware they had diversified…)

2) Put two portions of sugar into a shaker or blender, and add a few ice cubes – no more than two unless you want the caffé diluted.

3) Shake vigorously in a cocktail shaker until the ice rattling stops and then some – or use a blender.

4) Rinse out a large “martini” glass with water and optionally shake cocoa powder around the inside of the wet glass.

5) Pour liquid from the shaken container into the glass and sprinkle more cocoa powder on top to taste.

6) Insert a short straw – so that you can drink from the bottom.

7) Sit back and enjoy… Order another if you dare…
Grazie mille to Barrista Katia at Caffé San Cosimato, Roma

Evanne Brandon-Diner

by Evanne Brandon-Diner

Chronicler of local village life in Northern Lazio, and property restoration and purchasing consultant.

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