The Vegetable Boat

November 24, 2008 / Local Interest

If you’ve been to Venice more than once, chances are that you’ve passed by this scene… the vegetable boat. Located on a small canal in the Dorsoduro area, this vendor sets up shop daily on a boat right next to a narrow walkway. Strolling by this charming scene you are immediately reminded that this is a city that uses its waterways to conduct most of it business and there is more to Venice than shops selling trinkets to tourists.

The stand is readied very early in the morning while most visitors are still in their hotel beds, but not the locals. They are on their way to work and to school and on their way stop to chat with their ortolano (green grocer). He’s there to help you select your vegetables and lend advice on how to cook them. From zucchini to beans to five or six varieties of tomatoes, each vegetable looks more delectable then the next. Standing there admiring them, you’ll wish you were cooking dinner in your own apartment.

So next time in Venice, be sure to drop by the floating vegetable barge and even if you don’t have a kitchen, you can still admire the wares!

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