July 8 2009 / Local Interest

Elections, Present and Past

Sant'Agata dei Goti

“Under every stone lurks a politician,” wrote Aristophanes is 410 B.C. This was certainly the case in the recent administrative

July 7 2009 / Places

Villa Floridiana


If Naples is a feast of sound and colour, the Villa Floridiana is the mint tea to follow, refreshing, green

June 25 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Capua Amphitheater

S.Maria Capua Vetere

Italian schoolchildren learn that the “fleshpots of Capua” defeated Hannibal because the opulent lifestyle in the city made the Carthaginians

June 8 2009 / Places

Abbey in the Cave II

Cava de' Tirreni

Continued from part I… Close to a thousand years ago, the “Abbey” was nothing but  Alferius Pappacarbone’s cave dwelling! A

June 5 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Villa Jovis


Telecommuting from Capri, who wouldn’t? But 2000 years ago? That’s exactly what Emperor Tiberius did for ten years. Capri is

May 26 2009 / Places

The Abbey in the Cave

Cava de' Tirreni

Anna introduced me to a jovial-looking, rotund monk with a broad smile, “This is Don Gennaro, he is the exorcist

May 8 2009 / Art & Archaeology

A Puzzle at Pozzuoli


For enthusiasts of construction games and puzzles, the Flavian Amphitheatre at Pozzuoli is intriguing. In the ruins of the third

May 6 2009 / Local Interest

The Man Behind the Mask

Rione Sanita', Napoli

Brunello Leone was an architect who gave up his career in 1978. He did not win the lottery, nor did

May 5 2009 / Events

Tree Raising

Mugnano in Teverina

It’s April 30th, and if you are here at dusk, you will witness the village’s annual tree raising, which has

April 23 2009 / Local Interest

La Nunziatella


Some people have fairies at the bottom of their garden. We have the oldest military academy in Europe at the

April 14 2009 / Local Interest

Cantine and Wine

Sant'Agata de' Goti

Sant’Agata dei Goti, founded by the Goths in the 6th century, boasts some of the deepest cantine (basements) in Italy.

March 31 2009 / Places

Royal Silk Factory

San Leucio

In 1750, Bourbon King Charles VII and his son Ferdinand I, builders of Caserta’s Reggia (Royal Palace), chose to turn

March 27 2009 / Places

Il Castel dell’Ovo


The magnificent Castel dell’Ovo (Egg Castle) dominates the Naples seafront. This sophisticated sandcastle – see where the spade sliced down

March 24 2009 / Food & Wine

Incredible Edible…Weeds

Sant'Agata de' Goti

Caterina was carrying two big plastic bags. I asked her what they were and discovered that she was taking some

March 16 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Doric, Ionic, Iconic…


…and very Dramatic. That first sight of the temples of Paestum releases something potent into the bloodstream. How are these

February 4 2009 / Places

The Colours of Corricella

Corricella, Procida

On the island of Procida is a village that still uses its fishing boats when so many other little towns

February 2 2009 / Food & Wine

This Little Piggy – Part II

Cave di Conca

It started out as a convivial challenge. “I need to find a name for my new product.” Our friend Berardino

January 26 2009 / Food & Wine

A Party for Everyone but the Pig


In December we look forward to visiting with extended families and eating wonderful seasonal recipes. Then it’s time to greet

January 15 2009 / Places

Certosa di San Martino


Here’s a thought about death, something you really mustn’t ever mention in Naples as all kinds of socially-determined behaviours ensue,

December 2 2008 / Local Interest

One up, one down


I arrive late in the day. I ask directions to my bed and breakfast. My B&B is pointed out… on

November 18 2008 / Events

THE Sunday Passegiata


The passeggiata is an Italian institution, but one of its most charming versions has to be the stroll from Santa

June 11 2008 / Places

The Roses of Paestum


Paestum was originally called Poseidonia, founded in 600 B.C. as a colony of Magna Grecia (Greater Greece). Its location was

May 27 2008 / Uncategorized

Gardeners Wanted . . Apply Within


Forget for a second that the magnificent Reggia di Caserta (Caserta Palace) was the largest building constructed in the 18th