June 19 2012 / Places

The Aboca Museum

Sansepolcro, Tuscany

Definitely worth a visit in Sansepolcro is the Aboca Museum, a treasure trove of information and items related to the

April 18 2012 / Places

Multi-purpose Atrium

Pisa, Tuscany

Take a stroll Lungarno (from lungo l’Arno, lit., along the Arno) and you really get an idea of Pisa’s military

March 13 2012 / Local Interest

The Towers

San Gimignano, Tuscany

Long gone was the need for protection against the barbarian hordes. Yet at the height of the craze in the

January 24 2012 / Places

View from the Top

Montepulciano, Tuscany

Up… up you go, along il corso, past the colonna del Marzocco, past the many patrician palazzi, past the churches,

December 7 2011 / Food & Wine

Buona Bruschetta!

Tuscany, Italy

From mid-October to the end of December everybody in Tuscany gets ready for their first bruschetta (pronounced “broo-SKET-ta“) of the

November 30 2011 / Events

La Raccolta delle Olive

Arezzo, Tuscany

The raccolta delle olive begins as soon as the sun has warmed the trees and dried off any dew that

October 12 2011 / Art & Archaeology


Casoli, Tuscany

Graffiti as a work of art? Amid the complaints of tourists and locals alike that graffiti is an eyesore, there

October 3 2011 / Local Interest

Davide Lazzaretti, Tuscan Outlaw Prophet

Arcidosso, Tuscany

With its bleak terrain and deeply-rutted one-lane access track, hauntingly austere Monte Labbro does not figure on most people’s itineraries.

September 20 2011 / Places

Maremma National Park Cycling

Alberese, Tuscany

Driving and cycling in Italy is not everybody’s cup of tea. Nevertheless most visitors venture for renting a car when

July 18 2011 / Food & Wine

New success in an old land

Castello Marsigliana, Toscana

Walking along the cobbled pathway in the shadow of the Castello Marsigliana exudes a feeling of timelessness. The solid structure

July 23 2010 / Places

Castello di Meleto

Gaiole in Chianti, Tuscany

Visitors to Tuscany tend to focus on the fine wines, picturesque cities, and many ristoranti of the region, seldom pausing

July 19 2010 / Food & Wine

Good to Goat…

Anghiari, Tuscany

What happens when a young man from the flatlands of central Michigan finds a spectacularly picturesque goat farm high in

June 3 2010 / Places

Populonia, an Etruscan rebirth

Populonia, Tuscany

Populonia, the only Etruscan city built on the sea, is safe from developers as well as released from its past

July 24 2009 / Art & Archaeology


Pietrasanta, Tuscany

Pietrasanta, which means Holy Stone, is mostly known for its sculpture. Every year, and all year, sculptors arrive from the

July 15 2009 / Places

Tarot Garden


Influenced by Gaudí’s work in Barcelona, as well as the garden in Bomarzo, Niki de Saint Phalle was determined to

July 13 2009 / Places

Slow Town?


This northern Tuscan town is one of those places that defies definition of any sort. It is a (beautifuly kept)

July 1 2009 / Places

Spanish Tuscany

Monte Argentario

Can’t decide whether to take your holidays in Italy or in Spain? You can have it both ways in this

June 23 2009 / Places

Monastery of San Girolamo

San Gimignano

A short “City Bus” ride or walk from Porta San Giovani, far away from the packs of international visitors… sleeps

June 19 2009 / Local Interest

Distributore Automatico

Valiano, Tuscany

Stopping was the only logical thing to do. When else along a small country road between even smaller towns would

June 17 2009 / Local Interest

Wall-E Exists, And He Is Italian!


While walking through the streets of Pisa as of April this year, you might have encountered five foot tall green

May 20 2009 / Art & Archaeology

Fragile David


Ever since going up against Goliath, the last thing you would have thought anyone would say was that David was

May 11 2009 / Local Interest

Officina Profumo Farmaceutica


When in Florence this is a must see! Close to Santa Maria Novella, this pharmacy has been here since 1221.

April 16 2009 / Art & Archaeology

San Lorenzo – Antico

Civita di Grote di Castro

As far back as 770 AD, this medieval hamlet was home to inhabitants of the nearby Roman-Etruscan city, Tiro, who

April 6 2009 / Local Interest

Faerie Doors


These Lilliputian doors are an odd feature of Florentine architecture. Made of solid wood, sometimes adorned with carvings or iron