March 25 2009 / Local Interest

Ballooning in Tuscany

Val d'Orcia

Dawn. Who gets up at this ungodly hour? Well, if you are visiting the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany, there are

February 6 2009 / Local Interest

The “No Door Doors”


Hmm…? Interesting architectural anomalies or Florentine Renaissance Macchiavellian cleverness? Regardless, you will be hard pressed to find these anywhere else

November 25 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Unexpected Art


The delightful town of Pietrasanta, in western Tuscany, modestly hides a treasure house of beauty. Step through the ancient town

November 4 2008 / Events

Gli Angeli del Fango


November 4th, 1966 will never be forgotten by residents of Florence or art lovers around the world. The great river

October 28 2008 / Art & Archaeology

White Roads of Tuscany

San Giusto in Salcio

If you look at your map you see autostrade (highways), strade statali (main roads), strade regionali, provinciali, and comunali (regional,

October 13 2008 / Food & Wine

La Vendemmia


Autumn in Italy is a great time, especially when one is invited by friends who own a spectacular B&B agriturismo

October 9 2008 / Places

A Small Town with a Big Art


Sitting in the piazza in Pietrasanta you may notice something a bit different. First, there are many non-Italians even though

September 4 2008 / Local Interest

Savonarola’s Disk


Rightly so, chins are usually pointed upwards in Piazza della Signoria. However, a token of one of Florence’s most infamous

August 1 2008 / Art & Archaeology

San Galgano and King Arthur?


So many lovely things come from Tuscany, agreed. But the Arthurian legend, sword, stone and all?! Tuscany, not Cornwall? Time

July 21 2008 / Local Interest

The Etruscan Necropolis


This is one of the most spectacular of rocky Etruscan necropoli in the whole of Etruria. The originally Bronze age

July 2 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Cosimo’s Full Absolution


Usury, back then defined simply as interest from money, was a terrible sin . . . 7th circle of hell,

October 17 2007 / Places

Buca Delle Fate

Populonia, Tuscany

Enchanted woods, fairies, unspoiled coast? Probably just a dream . . Yet half-way along the twisting road from Baratti to