The Aboca Museum

June 19, 2012 / Places
Sansepolcro, Tuscany
Definitely worth a visit in Sansepolcro is the Aboca Museum, a treasure trove of information and items related to the history and use of medicinal plants in Italy.

Each room in the museum is a visual and sensory delight. One holds a collection of mortars of every shape and size, in alabaster, bronze, wood, glass, silver, copper, iron and ivory, from at least the 15th century. Medicinal herbs and plants pressed into oversized books are on display.

Dried herbs in giant urns perfume each room. Cabinets and shelves are filled with painted ceramic jars, glass bottles and tools for cultivating plants. In the Herb Room the entire ceiling is hung with dried plants and flowers.

The Museum includes a complete apothecary shop with furnaces, distillation tools etc. for the preparation of medicinal herbs. Terracotta floors, creamy white walls, cloth sacks and woven baskets filled with herbs and plant material and apothecary “beam” scales, transport you to another time and place.

Across the street from the museum is an herb garden where you can see medicinal plants and herbs in their natural state and a statue of native son Piero Della Francesca, whose famous painting “The Resurrection” hangs in the Museo Civico of this graceful medieval town in southeast Tuscany, almost unchanged since the Middle Ages.

Museo Aboca, Palazzo Bourbon del Monte, Via Niccolò Aggiunti, 75, Sansepolcro

Rosemary and Bob Connelly

by Rosemary and Bob Connelly

Artists who fulfilled their dream to “Live Cheap and Make Art” in Italy. Their website showcases their watercolors and photographs.

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  1. Elena Gravdal

    Very interesting for me. I try to include healing herbs in my family and friends. Sometimes I succeed- I can see, Rosemary and Bob, we share common interests. Thank you for this article and pho

  2. Rosemary

    Wow Anne! I can’t believe I’ve been somewhere you haven’t! That must be a first!! Seriously, it’s well worth your time.

    Thanks Elena for your comments!

  3. Anne Robichaud

    Rosemary, yes, will stop…have been in Borgo SS so much the past couple years as husband Pino has restored the ex-ufficio postale there – now apts….and I have been walking past that museum thinking, “must go”.
    YOU have convinced me!

  4. Thanks for this… I was doing some research into dandelions an their health benefits when i stumbled across your interesting site


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