The Artificial Lakes of Sila

December 9, 2015 / Places
Parco Nazionale del Sila, Calabria

Calabria is famous for its gorgeous coastline, but there is also a winter haven, nestled in the mountain range, known as La Sila.

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Winter Wonderland in Sila

This natural beauty is rich with wooded forests and wildlife, but it also has four artificial lakes – Lake Cecita, Lake Ampollino, Lake Arvo and Lake Passante.

lake cecita sila
Lake Cecita in Sila

Looking at Sila’s largest lake, Lake Cecita, you’d never guess that is was created in the 1950s as a way to produce energy. The nearby Cupone Visitor Centre offers hiking trails, a geological garden and a natural museum.

Lake Ampollino in Sila

Lake Ampollino, Sila’s first artificial lake, dates back to 1927.  Villaggio Palumbo is a must-see, especially after a snowfall.  It also has great skiing, skating and sledding facilities.

Lake Arvo in Sila

Lake Arvo, the second largest lake in Sila, is the best place if you like rowing and canoeing.  It’s located near the village of Lorica, which draws in tourists during the winter months for its great ski slopes.

villaggio mancuso sila
Exploring Villaggio Mancuso

Last, but not least, is Lake Passante, a reservoir formed by a concrete dam.  It’s located near Villaggio Mancuso, an enchanting petite-sized Alpine community with adorable mountain homes.

The impressive landscape of the Sila Mountains changes from season to season making it a great tourist destination.

Image Credit (Lake Cecita): Luca Galli   

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