The local’s Capri beach…

July 9, 2012 / Places
Marina Grande, Capri
Most people don’t go to Capri for the beach and, in fact, the island only has two of them. But, if you’ve already bought the sandals, visited the Tiberian Leap, circumnavigated the island past the Blue Grotto, and had a limoncello in the piazzetta, the local’s Capri beach may sound inviting.

The first beach is next to Marina Grande and is where you go if you don’t have time to take the funicolare up to Anacapri and a taxi or bus back down the other side to Marina Piccola.

The local Capri Beach

The beach, like many on the Sorrento peninsula and environs, has no sand. Rather there are rocks the size of mangoes, pears, plums, and kumquats that crackle like breaking glass when the waves go out.

There are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent, but don’t expect a high end stabilmento (Italian beach front with services). You can sit a yard from the water with a view of the peak where Emperor Tiberius forced his young victims to jump to their deaths. The Mediterranean is cristalline, drawing you in until you leave your sunbed and go for a swim.

This isn’t a jet-set Capri beach; this is the spot for Italians, locals and their children. It is authentic Capri, something visitors don’t see too often.

p.s. – Plan to wear your flipflops or swim shoes into the water until you pass the fruit salad of pebbles near the shore.

Sharri Whiting

by Sharri Whiting

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6 Responses to “The local’s Capri beach…”

  1. lewis murray

    I recall another beach, small one and private I think, where there is an stabilamento called Da Luigi it seems. It is at the end of a street, going towards the sea-side (opposite Naples), away from the piazza….One has to go down a long walk/steps. I think one has to pay a modest sum. The spaghetti in fresh tomato sauce is superb. regards, lewis murray

  2. Diana Holden

    I really liked today’s Italian Notebook because Capri is my favorite part of Italy. I did want to make a correction, though, because the funicolare doesn’t go to Anacapri, but rather to the town of Capri. From there, yes, you go to the other side of the island to get to a beach at Marina Piccolo.
    People from Anacapri tend to prefer to go to the sea on their end of the island. The favorite spot is at the Faro, (the lighthouse.) it isn’t really a “beach,” but Anacaprese think it is pretty special.

  3. It’s a nice walk from Marina Grande to the other side. Of course, we always take the bus back. This one of the most relaxing spots in all of Italy.

  4. Eileen Kirk

    The whole island is so magical. You will never be the same after you experience it. Make sure to see Axel Munthe villa in Anacapri “open to the see and to God” as he said.

  5. Malinda

    I wish I was there! I need some spagetti with fresh tomato sauce also!!!
    Thanks for transporting me there- I can almost feel and taste it all!


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