Porto Rotondo

June 16, 2010 / Places
Porto Rotondo, Sardegna
portorotondo1Out of season, the ghosts of tanned Italian VIPs and politicians are swept away by forceful winds and the granite rocks and breathtaking sea invite you to enjoy a quiet walk and a traditional Sardinian succulent pork dinner.

Started up in the 60′s by the Venetians Luigi and Nicolo’ Donà dalle Rose, Porto Rotondo is one of the top summer resorts for worldly Italians. Although close to archaeological sites, luxurious hotels portorotondo2and aquamarine water, the international crowds often opt for the nearby Porto Cervo on the Emerald coast where in September, the regattas are held.

In Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo a cappuccino can be costly but there’s always Olbia’s supermarket where you can avoid the jewelry priced items…

or simply invest in a fishing rod!




– Contributed by Cariddi Nardulli, film production, and ItalianNotebook reader. Many thanks!

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  1. Excellent Note! ;)

    Finally a glimpse into the REAL Porto Rotondo, and not the “veline” glitz we normally associate it to.

    Brava Cariddi!

  2. Σοφια

    It reminds me of the beautiful Greek islands.
    Thanks for the summer sea breeze!

  3. Joseph D. Spano
    Joseph D. Spano

    Rosemaria …go to Sardegna con cautela! The weather is changeable
    give greetings to the Spanos , you will cross many


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