Salina: Aeolian Gem

December 9, 2008 / Places

Salina, one of the seven volcanic Aeolian islands off the north coast of Sicily, may be familiar to film buffs if they remember the movie “Il Postino” which was filmed here. The movie recounts the fictional tale of friendship between the exiled Communist poet from Chile, Pablo Neruda, and the simple fisherman-turned-postman who delivers his mail every day. Several of the movie’s scenes were filmed on the beach at Pollara, located on the island’s northwestern shores.

In ancient times Salina was known as “Didyme” because of the twin peaks of its now-extinct volcanoes, and is known today for its production of capers and Malvasia wine. Visitors to Salina flock to Pollara’s rocky promontory to watch the sun go down behind the two western-most Aeolian islands, Alicudi and Filicudi. The fifteen-minute hike down to the water has been made easy by a well-kept stone path, although getting in and out of the water is challenging for those not used to scrambling over algae-slicked rocks!

At the end of the day, after a swim in the wine-dark sea and the unique spectacle of that day’s golden sunset, everyone heads back up the hill in the gathering twilight, but they all keep turning back to catch one more glimpse of the gilded sky and seascape below.

— This great Note was contributed by Monique Quesada for the 1st Anniversary Readers Note Contest. Thank you!

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