January 30 2014 / Food & Wine

The Torcolo of San Costanzo

Perugia, Umbria

The Torcolo di San Costanzo is a rich raisin, pinon, and citron-laden, sweet bread created in honor of San Costanzo,

January 15 2014 / Events

Sant’Antonio’s Dish

Santa Maria degli Angeli, Umbria

“Che Sant’Antonio li benedica” (May St. Anthony bless them), an elderly signore murmured as he caressed the collies. Patron saint of

October 29 2013 / Events

Saffron Takes Over

Citta' della Pieve, Umbria

Try to excise Italy from its culinary traditions? Impossible. Italians socialize over food, and live their town’s traditions through culinary

June 14 2013 / Events

Fire and Dew for San Giovanni

Grello, Umbria

In the tiny Umbrian mountain village, Grello (pop. 45), the celebrations around the solstice have no one standing still: young men

May 15 2013 / Local Interest

Passione for Journalism

Perugia, Umbria

As we waited to hear the panel discussion “Syria – civil war or media war?”, I asked Giacomo, a 24

July 2 2010 / Events

Lavender Festival

Tuscania, Lazio

No need to go to Provence to enjoy the perfume and colors of these lovely purple flowers. Just drive up

June 22 2010 / Events

Acqua di San Giovanni


No morning wash is more glorious than that of Umbria’s rural people on the morning of June 24th. On June

September 23 2009 / Events


Verona, Veneto

Tocatì (“It’s your turn!” in local dialect), the annual Festival Internazionale dei Giochi in Strada (International Festival of Street Games),

June 12 2009 / Events



Once a year in May or June, in conjunction with the religious feast of Corpus Domini, the festival of L’Infiorata

May 29 2009 / Events

Festa San Giorgio

Ragusa Ibla

Ragusa and Ragusa Ibla are two halves of the same city, with Ragusa Superiore the “modern” part and Ragusa Ibla,

May 25 2009 / Events

Cantine Aperte


On the last weekend of May, an annual festival involving more than 800 winegrowers throughout Italy takes place, known as

May 15 2009 / Events

Festa dei Ceri


At dawn, drumming softly through quiet streets, Ceraioli arrive to awaken their captains and the Festa dei Ceri begins. Later,

May 7 2009 / Events



In a city best known as the birthplace of St. Francis, where religious pilgrims flock, this spectacular event traces its

May 4 2009 / Events

Artichoke Art


Ladispoli, on the Mediterranean coast an hour from Rome, is famous for two attractions: 1) a five-star hotel, La Posta

April 2 2009 / Places

Dozza’s Frescoes


If you ever make the drive down the lovely (and very historic) Via Emilia, which runs straight as an arrow

March 19 2009 / Events

Festa di San Giuseppe

Marina di Ragusa

After Mass, on today’s Festa di San Giuseppe, a marching band leads the faithful through the town stopping at homes

July 15 2008 / Events

Tuscia in Jazz

Soriano nel Cimino

It’s summertime, and in Italia . . . that means Jazz Concerts! Last year we found a little gem –

June 27 2008 / Places

The Annual Regata

San Erasmo, Veneto

San Erasmo is considered the “poor relation”, one of the forgotten Venetian Islands (of which there are many). In reality,

June 9 2008 / Events

The Infiorata

Genzano di Roma

Flowers are surely one of nature’s most beautiful creations. Equally as beautiful is what the people of Genzano can create

May 12 2008 / Events

Barabbata, An Ancient Festival

Marta, Lago Bolsena

Each May 14th outside Marta, a lovely fishing village on Lake Bolsena, a fertility celebration called Barabbata, or the Madonna

May 2 2008 / Events

Wedding of the Trees


On May 8th each year since 1432 the town of Vetralla, 68 kms north of Rome along the Via Cassia,

January 31 2008 / Events

700 Year Lenten Lunch


On Ash Wednesday in the tiny town of Gradoli on Lake Bolsena in Northern Lazio, members of the Confraternita del

November 29 2007 / Food & Wine

Saffron Harvest Festival

Cittá della Pieve, Umbria

People are often surprised to learn that Italy is one of the world’s major producers of saffron, after countries such