August 6 2015 / Places

Ortigia, Sicily: Syracuse’s Island

Isola di Ortigia, Sicilia

Driving away from Trapani under a cloudless late spring sky, my rental Cinquecento and I began our four hour drive

March 11 2015 / Local Interest

Valter’s “Magnetic” Miniatures

Rome, Lazio

FYI: ItalianNotebook is selling the items mentioned in this note on our online store, ItalianConnections. Given the amount of products that

January 13 2015 / Local Interest

Gli Avanzi Natalizi…


For weeks they were the pride of the aisles! Front stage center, there was no doubt about who played the

December 5 2014 / Food & Wine

Savouring Venice

Venice, Veneto

Last week I joined a Venice food tour of the Rialto Markets and cicchetti tasting with wine. Many of you

December 4 2014 / Places

Piazza Nuova

Bagnacavallo, Emilia-Romagna

The ever laborious and pragmatic Romagnoli are responsible for this commercial real estate development. In this case, the Anziani (Elders)

October 2 2014 / Places

The Gems of Padova

Padova, Veneto

Only a 30 minute train ride from Venice, Padova is a pleasant day trip and often overlooked in favor of

May 12 2014 / Food & Wine

Spring Vegetables

Monterosso, Liguria

Spring means lots of things here in Italy. Little flowers peeking through damp soil, pink blossoms opening on cherry trees,

May 7 2014 / Places

Milan’s Secret (Urban Jungle) Garden

Milano, Lombardia

Here’s another note on Milan, the beautiful city that is the setting of our recently published gastronomic murder mystery, The

February 4 2014 / Local Interest

Fish Day Cacophony

Rome, Lazio

Tuesdays and Fridays are fish days at the neighborhood markets in the piazze of Italy. No, you can’t buy fish

July 24 2013 / Food & Wine

Peach Varieties


“Scendi a prendere le pesche”, was my aunt’s order. I was 5. (Go to the market to get some peaches,

May 18 2010 / Local Interest

Tips for the Italian Markets


Bargaining, haggling, negotiating. Whatever label you put on it, you can be certain that it occurs on many local Italian

January 13 2010 / Events


Piazzola sul Brenta, Veneto

Markets are ubiquitous in Italy. Every town has several, and even the tiniest village boasts at least one. They offer

November 11 2009 / Local Interest

Sulmona’s Market

Sulmona, Abruzzo

Just two hours east of Rome by train, lies the venerable medieval city of Sulmona, near L’Aquila in Abruzzo. Famous

July 14 2009 / Local Interest

Three Wheels on my Wagon


Once a place to see your horses and cattle, as well as to watch a public execution or two, Rome’s

March 9 2009 / Food & Wine

La Vucciria


Exploring the side streets and food markets in Italy is one way to get a feel for Italian daily life.

February 18 2009 / Food & Wine

The Rialto Fish Market


The Rialto food market right by the bridge of the same name has always been the heart of commerce in

February 9 2009 / Local Interest

Penny Candy, Italian Style


If you can remember choosing a nickel or dime’s worth of penny candy from the jars displayed at the neighborhood

November 24 2008 / Local Interest

The Vegetable Boat


If you’ve been to Venice more than once, chances are that you’ve passed by this scene… the vegetable boat. Located