July 15 2009 / Places

Tarot Garden


Influenced by Gaudí’s work in Barcelona, as well as the garden in Bomarzo, Niki de Saint Phalle was determined to

July 6 2009 / Local Interest



One of the joys of spring in Italy is the sight of the fragrant ginestra (pronounced = gee nes’ tra)

June 18 2009 / Places

There Be Monsters..

Bomarzo, Lazio

Because we live just down the road, we almost take this Renaissance garden for granted. Well, it’s not really a

June 9 2009 / Local Interest

Il Mostro


It’s that time of year again. Walk along Via della Paglia from Piazza Sant’Egidio in Trastevere, and you’ll notice that

May 5 2009 / Events

Tree Raising

Mugnano in Teverina

It’s April 30th, and if you are here at dusk, you will witness the village’s annual tree raising, which has

April 29 2009 / Places

Life and Leisure: Villa Pamphili


It might seem that the only thing that grows in Rome during the spring is the number of tourists waiting

April 27 2009 / Places

Basilica visit


Soar over the forested promontory of Portofino on the Golfo Paradiso, past the craggy Aleppo pines that cling to the

April 21 2009 / Places

Isola dei Pescatori

Lago Maggiore

Its full name is Isola Superiore dei Pescatori, but that name is too big for this small, very small, piccolissima

February 5 2009 / Places

Nutty for Nocciole

Lago di Vico

The eastern and northern slopes of the extinct volcano that contains the Lago di Vico in its crater have been

December 18 2008 / Places

Costa dei Trabocchi


Rustic, rickety-looking structures perch precariously over the water, resembling giant wooden crabs emerging from the sea. Called trabocchi, they are

December 12 2008 / Local Interest

Flow River, Flow…


Last Friday we ran a piece on the Tevere, Rome’s river, showing it in its everyday normal state…. unobtrusively burbling

December 5 2008 / Places

The Tevere Runs Through It


With so much else to see in Rome, the Tevere, the city’s poor and neglected river, rarely gets much attention.

November 21 2008 / Art & Archaeology

The Giusti Gardens


One of the best-preserved examples of Renaissance gardens in Italy can be found on a side street in this charming

November 7 2008 / Places

Small Island, Big History

Lago Bolsena

The Isola Bisentina which sits in the middle of the crater (now lake Bolsena) of this ancient volcano gets its

October 20 2008 / Art & Archaeology

Villa Torlonia’s Gardens


Perhaps no one wanted to have anything to do with it given its final tenant (Mussolini called it home in

October 15 2008 / Places

The On Again Off Again Marmore Falls


At 165 meters, the Cascata delle Marmore is one of the tallest waterfalls in Europe and the tallest man-made waterfall

September 2 2008 / Food & Wine

The Secret Life of Olive Trees


A lot has been said about olives and most of it has to do with extra virginity. So imagine my

July 30 2008 / Local Interest

Le Saline of Trapani


The Saline (salt farms or beds) of Trapani are it’s reason for being . . hints in legends suggest that

July 28 2008 / Local Interest

The Tree Worldmap


Did you know that there is a spot in Italy where you can see the entire country, including Sardinia and

July 1 2008 / Places

Grande Sky Country?

Castelluccio, Umbria

Italy is not commonly associated with the “big sky” look of unlimited vistas, so the Piano Grande (Big Plain) of

June 11 2008 / Places

The Roses of Paestum


Paestum was originally called Poseidonia, founded in 600 B.C. as a colony of Magna Grecia (Greater Greece). Its location was

June 9 2008 / Events

The Infiorata

Genzano di Roma

Flowers are surely one of nature’s most beautiful creations. Equally as beautiful is what the people of Genzano can create

June 3 2008 / Local Interest

Bougainvillea Season

Rome, Lazio

While certainly not a native Mediterranean plant, the bougainvillea does incredibly well in Italian soil. Given its ubiquity around here

May 27 2008 / Uncategorized

Gardeners Wanted . . Apply Within


Forget for a second that the magnificent Reggia di Caserta (Caserta Palace) was the largest building constructed in the 18th