La Serenissima…The Serene One?

by Annie

Ah, Venice, is there any city like La Serenissima? What lies behind the beautiful mask of the serene one? Proud and mysterious, she beguiles, fascinates, intrigues and seduces us. Built on a delta and marshes, one million acres of pine tree forests stripped to create the foundation, this is a city that was willed into existence. Despite her reputed fragility, she has strong bones and a strong spirit! To fully enjoy and appreciate her, she must be met on her own terms.

Venice remains unique and alluring. As one of the most visited cities in the world, serene is an adjective seldom used to describe a visit to Venice! Throngs of tourists wander the maze-like calles and squeeze onto the vaporetti. With maps in hand, they often appear befuddled and more than a little lost. But what better place to lose yourself?

One can’t help but think that she is amused, but if you succumb to her charms and summon a sense of adventure, she will reveal her quiet, private world in which we are invited to simply pause… Boats sitting idle, water softly kissing stone, her beauty mirrored at every turn giving her that ethereal and otherworldly quality. As La Serenissima dances in her own lovely reflection, we surrender to her timeless beauty!

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