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Rome, Lazio

Dear friends, Eccoci! (Here we are) Thank you for your loooong patience and inquiries. Until now, I have been busy

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More of the good problem…

Dear friends, It’s been almost two years since we last wrote to you about our “good problem to have.” At

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Si ricomincia..!

Cari amici, Please forgive the prolonged absence! Two separate work projects and the travelling for them have had to take

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The light

Dear readers, It appears that there is light at the end of the tunnel (hopefully it’s not the train again),

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Gubbio’s 20th-Century Martyrs

Gubbio, Umbria

On June 22nd at the Mausoleo dei Quaranta Martiri, Gubbio pays homage to the forty civilians shot by the Germans

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A good problem to have…

Rome, Italy

Dear readers, in these few years ItalianNotebook has seen incredible growth. (More than 250,000 emails sent last month!). Grazie mille,

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Liguria Floods

Monterosso, Liguria

Many of you have asked for more information concerning the floods that hit Liguria last week (thanks again, Andi for

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Centro Recupero Animali Selvatici

Formichella, Umbria

(cont’d from part I) There are 23 centers like this all over Italy: locally, four in Tuscany, one in Lazio

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Mangia come un Italiano

Test – Very often I am asked: how do Italians manage to eat so much while they are so thin?

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Umbria Underground

Orvieto, Umbria

If there’s one thing humans understood soon after climbing out of the primordial soup, it’s that if you want to

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The Invisible Visitors

Rome, Lazio

Every summer tourists descend upon Rome without fail, but perhaps the true sign of summer is the arrival of another

May 25 2010 / Local Interest

A year on…

Roio Piano, Abruzzo

It has been almost 14 months since the Abruzzo earthquake and the devastation is still visible in l’Aquila and the

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Dome Refurbished


While it might be unfortunate for the visitors who will be coming to see it over the next few months,

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Gardeners Wanted . . Apply Within


Forget for a second that the magnificent Reggia di Caserta (Caserta Palace) was the largest building constructed in the 18th