November 16 2015 / Local Interest

The Faces of Campiglia

Campiglia, Tuscany

In small Italian villages the piazza is the living room of the paese and the bar are the living conduits

August 5 2014 / Local Interest

Etruscan Agriculture at Baratti Bay

Stazione di Populonia, Tucany

Frida van der Horst is Dutch and studied in Rome. She was living in northern Tuscany when she heeded the

July 15 2014 / Local Interest

Coffee Aromas Recycled..

Piombino, Tuscany

Dear friends, About a year ago, we published the following note about Cristina and Maurizio and their coffee bags. Many

June 24 2014 / Events

The Dragon Archers of Campiglia Marittima

Campiglia Marittima, Tuscany

On April 25 almost 200 archers arrived in Campiglia Marittima. They gathered first in the central Piazza then made the

March 25 2013 / Art & Archaeology

Archeodig, uncovering Etruscan secrets

Populonia, Tuscany

Populonia is is one of the most active archaeological parks in Europe. Hugging the gentle Bay of Baratti on the

February 14 2013 / Art & Archaeology

The Fertility Vase

Piombino. Tuscany

This 5th century BC Greek vase, known as The Fertility Vase is unique with its suggestive figures of Pan or

January 25 2013 / Food & Wine

Pappardelle al cinghiale recipe

Campiglia Marittima, Tuscany

Note from the ed. – The pappardelle al cinghiale by Sig.ra Anna Maria (below) are hands down the best I

January 15 2013 / Local Interest

The Wild Boar Hunt

Campiglia Marittima, Tuscany

A few days before November 1 when the wild boar hunting season begins one can feel the stirrings of excitement

December 6 2012 / Places

The Tuscan Cavalry

Golfo di Baratti, Tuscany

Recently the ancient Via Dei Cavalleggeri, the long Tuscan coastal road patrolled by Italian cavalry for more than 800 years

October 19 2012 / Art & Archaeology

Archeodig in Populonia

Golfo di Baratti, Populonia, Tuscany

Quietly excited voices in English and Italian blend as their discoveries unfold. Groups of volunteers, students, and young archaeologists gather

October 1 2012 / Events

San Cerbone

Golfo di Baratti, Tuscany

San Cerbone himself had quite a stormy life. He came from North Africa escaping religious persecution with a small group of

June 3 2010 / Places

Populonia, an Etruscan rebirth

Populonia, Tuscany

Populonia, the only Etruscan city built on the sea, is safe from developers as well as released from its past

October 17 2007 / Places

Buca Delle Fate

Populonia, Tuscany

Enchanted woods, fairies, unspoiled coast? Probably just a dream . . Yet half-way along the twisting road from Baratti to