The Infiorata

June 9, 2008 / Events
Genzano di Roma
Flowers are surely one of nature’s most beautiful creations. Equally as beautiful is what the people of Genzano can create with these flowers. I’m referring specifically to the Infiorata, the festival of flowers.

The Infiorata is a community affair dating back to 1778. The citizens decide on the theme, they create and sketch the panel designs, they scrounge through the woods and gardens searching for and picking the more than 350,000 flowers, they arrange the petals by colors, and store them until ready for use.

Then, on the Friday night before the festival, they sketch the panels in chalk onto the Via Belardi, home of the Infiorata. Saturday and Sunday the petals are laid within the sketches until the full “carpet”, which will measure the length of almost three football fields, is finally completed.

Some of the themes? In 1992 for example, the Infiorata celebrated the 500th anniversary of Columbus’ discovery of America. In 2000, to celebrate both the Holy Year as well as the Millennium, it was held on two streets instead of just one! The theme for this year’s Infiorata, which takes place on June 15th, is the 60th anniversary of the Italian Constitution. Not to be missed if you’re in the area . . . then again they will do one next year for sure, and each year after, each just as beautiful and just as unique.

Genzano is in the Castelli Romani, approximately 30 KM. south of Rome.

Normanno Ross

by Normanno Ross

TV Producer, Special Events Organiser, and avowed Romaphile.

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