Just Bits of Stone, is all …

October 30, 2008 / Local Interest
… until you enter “their” space. Stop for a second, block out the noise of the city, forget the crowds … now look … and listen.

This angel here? …patiently waiting his turn perhaps. While he’s too polite to show it, being an angel and all, he’s a bit bored really, having to sit through the celestial harp solo… again… before it’s his turn to play his four silly bars.

Furrowed brow.. and that finger? That looks like someone shouldering loads of responsibility, lots on his mind. And he’s late to work too, has a touch of anxiety, racing out the door thinking “ok, satchel, keys… got ’em… am I forgetting something? God, I hope today goes well…” Fitting, being Peter and all.

And these two? Waiting for their carriage maybe… he’s in his own world, that zoned out sweet spot children hit when they let their mind wander. His mother instead has to focus, really needs to finish reading yesterday’s minutes before addressing the forum in 15 minutes…

Ahh, that’s silly, they’re just bits of stone is all… right?

— These incredible images were taken by Mike “Michele” Minadeo. Thank you!


by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

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