July 23 2015 / Local Interest

Reflection on the Hill of Hell

Assisi, Umbria

At the base of a mountain upon which is perched the ancient city of Assisi one sees what in olden

May 4 2015 / Places

The Grotto Sanctuary of Monte Stella

Pazzano, Calabria

This small village situated between Mount Stella and Mount Consolino overlooking the Stilaro Valley, was founded by miners who worked

April 17 2015 / Events

In Foligno, “a Galileo Universe”

Foligno, Umbria

Where else can you join a Saturday night rapt crowd ranging from teens to the elderly in a 14th-century frescoed

April 3 2015 / Events

Auguri di Pasqua


Hardly an interaction with someone occurs today without a heartfelt exchange of wishes. Auguri di Pasqua (Easter wishes) are exchanged

February 25 2015 / Art & Archaeology

Bs and Bees

Saint Peter's basilica, Vatican City State

It’s a… actually, what is it?! Scholars have a hard time deciding how to categorize Gianlorenzo Bernini’s giant, 66ft.-tall bronze

February 19 2015 / Events

Finita la Festa…


That is not snow, but Carnevale detritus. Throughout town every crack in the sidewalks and space between cobblestones have become

December 23 2014 / Events

Presepe Vivente, Still Alive

Umbria and Lazio

The crib scene comes alive – literally – in the mountain villages surrounding Assisi. After all, San Francesco was the

December 12 2014 / Events

Presepi in a Presepe

Artena, Lazio

Throughout history, this hilltop town just south of Rome was infamous for being a den for brigands. The reason for

December 11 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Striking Gold in Lucignano

Lucignano, Tuscany

In the small main piazza, stately fortified towers, soaring like stalwart guards, bear witness to Lucignano’s bellicose past. For centuries contested

December 10 2014 / Local Interest

Friends in High Places

Rome, Italy

While having a friend with good strong connections intercede on one’s behalf is a practice that certainly exists the world

November 18 2014 / Places

Mary’s Little House

Loreto, Le Marche

Safely hidden on top of a hill, behind the walls of the vescovo‘s (bishop’s) palace, under the cupola of the

October 31 2014 / Local Interest

Tutti i Santi, Festa dei Morti


Reverence for the dead as one of the central pillars of Christianity in Italy? Using that as lens you begin

September 29 2014 / Places

The Potter of La Rocca

La Rocca, Tuscany

Near La Verna (where St. Francis’s of Assisi founded the Sanctuary of St. Francesco and where he received the stigmata) is

May 14 2014 / Places

San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore

Milano, Lombardia

Here’s another note on Milan, the beautiful city that is the setting of our recently published gastronomic murder mystery, The

April 28 2014 / Events

Destination Rome

Rome, Italy

Cumulatively, Rome is probably the travel destination that has seen more visitors than anywhere else. Whether it was trade, administration,

March 24 2014 / Places

Trequanda Treasures and Curiosities

Trequanda, Tuscany

Incredible: treasures wherever you head in Italy, no matter how tiny, how “insignificant” the locale. This country is a treasure

March 17 2014 / Art & Archaeology

Fare le Cose al Volo…


Italy is certainly known for fare le cose con calma (doing things slowly) as they say. Fare le cose al

January 7 2014 / Events

La Befana


Italian children are just luckier. They receive gifts from both Babbo Natale (“Father Christmas”) on December 25th AND from la

October 9 2013 / Local Interest

Note from a Papagirl

Assisi, Umbria

Daniela and Paola sipped cappuccini dreamily in “Papal euphoria” the day after Pope Francis’ visit to Assisi on October 4th.

April 18 2013 / Places

Il Palazzo dei Papi

Viterbo, Lazio

You begin to wonder whether someone had a play for theater in mind and built this palazzo as the set.

December 12 2011 / Art & Archaeology

Old Fragment Found

Rome, Lazio

Vasari, our 16th century proto-Art Historian, writes that Pinturicchio: “…painted, above the door to the private rooms, Ms.Giulia Farnese in

July 9 2010 / Events

Flowers of Passione

Spello, Umbria

It all started on a late June Sunday in the early 1900’s when an elderly woman from Spello (Umbria) scattered

June 9 2010 / Art & Archaeology

Palazzo Altieri

Rome, Italy

It is highly recommended when at 17th century Palazzo Altieri on the one day a year it’s open (belongs to

June 7 2010 / Events

La Palombella

Orvieto, Umbria

Celebrated in Piazza del Duomo at noon on the day of Pentecost, the 50th day following Easter, the feast of