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March 9, 2016 / Uncategorized
IMG_20130526_130017Dear friends,

It’s been almost two years since we last wrote to you about our “good problem to have.” At that point, the website was crashing (bad!) due to increased traffic (good)! And thanks to your contributions, ItalianNotebook was able to cover more expensive server costs and stay open.

Well, those bills have come due once again (…pesky things). Basically, in order to sustain and build ItalianNotebook’s online publishing, we need your backing. Would you come forward and donate to ensure delivery of the notes over the coming months?

IMG_20130531_204825If ItalianNotebook is a positive moment in your day, help it stay afloat. All sums gratefully received. We hope to hear from you… so grazie mille. We look forward to sending you more great Notes about il bel paese!

(Our secure Support Page and payment system can be reached via the links in the text above and/or from here.)





by GB Bernardini

Editor, Italian Notebook

21 Responses to “More of the good problem…”

  1. Lynn Michaels

    dear GB, maybe for those who haven’t been to italia you could explain the suggested donation amount looking like “fifteen thousand dollars to 100 thousand dollars” – it could be scary and off-putting! LM

    • GB

      Lynn, right you are!! My apologies to everyone about that.. the form was initially in Italian, and in Italy they use a comma instead of a period as the decimal point. I have now changed the credit card form so that it is in English. It also uses a period now, so hopefully no one else will be scared off!
      Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Joan Schmelzle

    Agreed–the comma might confuse those of us used to a period though I have to admit, I read right by that.
    I’ll be back as soon as my PayPaL account clears for the month! I do enjoy the “Notebook” a lot.
    Grazie mille!! ( I hope I spelled that close to right!)

  3. Tony DiGiulio

    It wouldn’t let me donate $15.00. It kept popping back to $25.00. ?????

    • GB

      Hi Tony, sorry about that. Paypal has driven me nuts. I made some changes, it should be working properly now. Thanks for your support!
      Best regards,

  4. louise

    Definitely worth a few $$ every month. Really enjoy the bits and pieces about Italy. Keep them coming!

  5. I would be more than happy to donate – However, I hope you can coordinate your efforts with the many sites trying to keep Italy beautiful, such as Riprendiamoci Roma!

  6. Grazie for all of your hard work and commitment, too, GB! Greatly appreciated! New site looks fantastico! I’m so proud to be a part of this community!

  7. Pate Cardel

    Your site is wonderful and I love it but right now I cannot donate Hope I can continue to view until better times Grazie

  8. It is a pleasure to donate to you. I love receiving your daily notes. I spend a fair amount of time in Italy as I am Italian and love the country. Most of my family and friends live in Formia and Gaeta. Ciao and keep it coming. The Salone de Gusto in Turin, Slow Food is a great take perhaps we could meet in Torino or Roma.

  9. Pat Carney-Ceccarelli

    Dear GB, congratulations on creating and building and sustaining such a welcome part of many of our lives.
    Italian notebook maintains a positive note and a constant reminder of the joys of life particularly the parts nourished by Italy! many thanks.

  10. IN is great and I would be happy to donate. However, I do not do credit cards or electronic
    transfers. Is there a bank in the USA that would accept a check and forward the donation to IN?

  11. Debra Duckman

    Ciao GB…..Italian Notebook is such a treat each day. Thank you for your endeavor to keep it interesting
    and available. We are glad to be able to contribute to your ” good problem to have.” All the best to you.

  12. Angela Finch

    I too enjoy your blogs GB and will be glad to donate in April. I am away until then

  13. Gary Hoffman

    This is a sorrowful time in the USA. We have a collection of fascists running in the Republican primary campaign for president, each one more incompetent or scary than the next. On the Democratic side we have the well-meaning but impractical and incompetent candidate Sanders with wildly expensive socialist notions competing with a dishonest woman whom very few people actually trust. Very painful to watch and further signs of the irreparable deterioration of a country that once stood for freedom,goodness and trust, mostly. And so, with no reason to support any of them (and with Hillary looking more and more like the presidential winner in November, I can find no reason to financially support any of them. So GB’s fund-raising campaign makes far more sense in light of that…at least I get beauty and knowledge in my inbox, far more than I do from the blatherings of the candidates.

    • Gian Banchero

      Thank you Signor Hoffman you your comment, I agree with every word you said. With what’s happening here in the States io sono cotto, in effect I’m cooked, exhausted, feel betrayed.

  14. Bob Blesse

    I just made a donation. Thanks for all your great work, I really enjoy the Italian Notebook. Cheers from Florence. Bob

  15. Anne Robichaud

    GB, Italian Notebook HAS to continue – brings so much joy to so many as I am hearing again and again during this US tour at cooking classes. I am now promoting not just IN but donations as well to keep this wonderful resource alive.
    I would also suggest advertisers! Why not? I think NO reader would be “offended” by links to advertisements associated with Italy: i.e., hotels, artisan crafts, Rome airport bus shuttles! etc…why not? What does everyone else think? Readers….???


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